In the Ring with Fire Pro Wrestling World Part 2

A continuation of the fun I had with the crew from Fire Pro Wrestling World and had some amazing things happen!

Talking CEO x NJPW with Women Wrestling Friends

No sooner did I get home from Daytona, I chatted with my friends in California, Sarah & Tamara. They're two fantastic women who also enjoy professional wrestling, and I love their podcast!

CEO x NJPW When World Collide Event Recap

The main event CEO Day 1 was the CEO x NJPW cross-branded show. It was fantastic!

Nerdy Subscription Boxes

I would love to do reviews of subscription boxes, but finding the right ones which meet my needs is a challenges. There are so many nerdy box subscriptions, how do I pick?

Wrestling with Interior Design Inspiration

After investing in two pieces of art by Rob Schamberger, I've finally had my eureka moment with deciding how to decorate my Master Bedroom at The Lil House of the Nerdy

Friday Five: Marking Out over Professional Wrestling

People are often confused when I tell them I am a complete fan of professional wrestling. I follow story lines. I read editorial columns, news articles and pick up the occasional magazine. I get excited when certain entrance themes play. I own a couple of t-shirts. I know it is scripted. I know there are... Continue Reading →

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