Transatlantic Schedule

With my vacation and on call chewing up a substantial portion of September, I promised myself in the spirit of Karen Fest 2014, that if I were to pick up any extra work, it would have to be international flying. It has been tough picking and choosing where I would like to go, as should... Continue Reading →

Debut in Zürich

For the longest time, Zürich was teetering at the top of my International Destination Bucket List. It tends to pop into the trip pool while I am shuffling and hustling my way through some challenging three day domestic trip, leaving me to continually fantasize about chocolate, Roger Federer, the rolling Swiss Alps, the adorable cows, and... Continue Reading →


Hawaii, you've always eluded me. Your time is running out. Next month, I will finally be hula dancing my way across the Pacific, and hitting the breathtaking beaches of Honolulu. When I was in high school, I wanted to visit the Hawaiian islands after graduation, but life managed to get in the way. I intended... Continue Reading →

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