From the Vault: The Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami

[The following was originally posted eight years ago, a couple of days after March 11, 2011. This is from my old running blog and from when I worked at a Japanese boarding school in New York. Unfortunately, I no longer have access to the account associated with this blog, but not for a lack of... Continue Reading →

Running Essentials in my Fitness Quest Duffle Bag of Holding

Previously, I discussed my thought process as I curated my ultimate gym bag. Everything I would need short of picking which outfit to wear is already packed and ready to go in my Fitness Quest Duffle Bag of Holding! Throughout this process, I even pitched two pairs of old running shoes (including my beloved runDisney... Continue Reading →

Realistic Running

At runDisney, every mile is magic, but what happens when the magic dwindles? Let's be clear. It isn't that I have stopped believing, but after Avengers, my physical and mental mind sets haven't been where I need them to be. While in the throws of the holiday flying, I have found my stress cranked up and my... Continue Reading →

Fit2Run Fun

A fun run: No registration fees. No corrals. No bibs. Just a group of folks out for a run. The last purely fun run involving a group of runners without aspirations for bling and weren't in my immediate social circle might have been with the New York Road Runners during National Running Day back in... Continue Reading →

Run Forrest Run

I lucked out with a Saturday off, so in a very last minute decision, my friends and I signed up for the Easter Beach Run Daytona. Four of my friends from three very different social circles of my life all came together in person for the first time, but the best part was that we... Continue Reading →

Running Rewind NYRR

Back in 2011, I got the brilliant idea to work my way into getting Guaranteed Entry into the New York City Marathon. I remember sitting on my couch in wake of running my first half marathon, The Nike Women's Half in San Francisco, and developing a massive girl crush on Olympic runner, Shalane Flanagan as... Continue Reading →

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