Daring to be Dapper

Before living in Japan, I used to think it was bizarre seeing people dressed up to go to a theme park. The practical part of my brain simply could not process why someone would want to torture themselves with a dress and uncomfortable shoes. I previously thought the concept of dressing up to go to... Continue Reading →

Dapper Daze

In mid-January, Kim sent me a link to Dapper Day, suggesting my getting all decked out to visit the House of Mouse. Over the last few years, I've lovingly fallen in love with the retro glamour style of the 40's & 50's, and though my fashion portfolio doesn't necessarily reflect it, I'm working toward developing... Continue Reading →

WDW Post-Race

While I leisurely took my victory shower, my beloved chEARleaders took a nap. After 13.1 miles and about 35 minutes to let the muscle aches soak in, my quick shower was entirely in "Chariots of Fire" slow motion. Naturally, the quieter I tried to be, the more I dropped stuff and banged into everything. After... Continue Reading →

WDW Half Pre-Race

Finally, WDW Marathon weekend has arrived! After working a crazy week's worth of on-call, I was thankful just to make it back home to central Florida after a night of dueling mechanicals and delays. The running deities smiled upon me, and I started out my morning by tackling one of my favorite parts of race... Continue Reading →

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