Nom Nom like a Cavewoman

For the month of May, I will trade my fork for a spear as I finally take the Paleo leap. I have toyed with the idea long enough, and I have two cookbooks burning a hole in my kitchen real estate, begging to fulfill their culinary destinies! I've also worked out an action plan to go... Continue Reading →

Week 4: Ideal Protein

TEN!? TEN POUNDS!? Oh goodness! I can't believe it! I was a little uneasy at the office today because I really wanted to clear the ten pound mark. "Just under two pounds," slowed me down a bit as I stepped on the scale, but once I did the math in my head, exhilaration quickly took... Continue Reading →

Week 2: Ideal Protein

My first check in with Dr. Kate since starting IP. I behaved myself in Dublin, which surprised me more than anyone else. It would appear that I can do things if I put my mind to it. Working with IP while traveling was easier than I originally thought. The key is access to hot water,... Continue Reading →

Week 1: Ideal Protein

I have had enough. I am kicking "the slightly overweight, but still beautiful, older sister" (true story, Christmas 2009) version of Karen out of the door for good. She loves food too much, eats when she's bored or stressed, and just can't seem to say no to anything that smells good. While she's full of... Continue Reading →

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