From the Vault: The Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami

[The following was originally posted eight years ago, a couple of days after March 11, 2011. This is from my old running blog and from when I worked at a Japanese boarding school in New York. Unfortunately, I no longer have access to the account associated with this blog, but not for a lack of... Continue Reading →

Big in Japan Pro Wrestling Crate Unboxing

I ordered my first wrestling-theme item crate, so let's unbox it!

From The Vault: Podcasting in Tokyo

Nearly ten years ago, I moved to Tokyo after five years in west Japan. Within weeks of arrival, I achieved another dream: recording a podcast... for one of the biggest radio stations IN Japan!

Friday 5: Finding Japan in Florida

When I was seven, we visited Florida for the first time, and I fell in love with the Japan Pavilion at EPCOT. At the time, I was just another kid at The Mouse House, but it could very well have been the trigger for one of my epic life's journeys. Growing up in Florida, I always... Continue Reading →

Playing Tag and Running for Money in Japan

Have you watched enough Hunger Games, Maze Runner, Battle Royale or Labyrinth and think to yourself, "I could totally beat that?!" In an epic demonstration of speed, wit, and teamwork, I actually considered starting running in 2004 after watching the very first episode of  「逃走中」(TouSou Chuu; "Run For Money"). Without the physical peril of dystopian drama films,... Continue Reading →

Incorporating Japanese Habits into American Living

Lately, I've given thought as to ways I could strive to regain some control over my health, and revisiting stages in my life when I felt my healthiest. When I lived in Japan, I lost 40 pounds within the first six months there. I went from 185 to 145 quickly, but without hard workouts or... Continue Reading →

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