Nom Nom like a Cavewoman

For the month of May, I will trade my fork for a spear as I finally take the Paleo leap. I have toyed with the idea long enough, and I have two cookbooks burning a hole in my kitchen real estate, begging to fulfill their culinary destinies! I've also worked out an action plan to go... Continue Reading →

Week 4: Ideal Protein

TEN!? TEN POUNDS!? Oh goodness! I can't believe it! I was a little uneasy at the office today because I really wanted to clear the ten pound mark. "Just under two pounds," slowed me down a bit as I stepped on the scale, but once I did the math in my head, exhilaration quickly took... Continue Reading →

Week 3: Ideal Protein

After a nice three day trip and a couple of days at home, weigh-in numero three showed up. Another abbreviated week due to my flight schedule, but another successful weeks worth of no cheats! I was thrilled when the tape measure was cinched a little tighter, and my feet felt like they were air! I... Continue Reading →

Week 2: Ideal Protein

My first check in with Dr. Kate since starting IP. I behaved myself in Dublin, which surprised me more than anyone else. It would appear that I can do things if I put my mind to it. Working with IP while traveling was easier than I originally thought. The key is access to hot water,... Continue Reading →

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