Girls Nerding Out Over Hogwarts

Last month, Danielle (From Girlie to Nerdy) & I celebrated St. Paddy's Day the nerdy way with a Girls Nerding Out evening of beer flights and dessert at my beloved nerdlihood watering hole: The Cloak & Blaster. We had so  much fun, and we decided that we needed to meet more frequently than once every six months... Continue Reading →

Friday Five: Pride Prejudice and Zombies

When I returned from Japan, Seth Grahame-Smith released Pride and Prejudice and Zombies which I promptly gave the skeptical side eye to while browsing the new releases section of my favorite book seller. I couldn't bring myself to actually pick up PPZ. I thought the idea was absolutely ludicrous that anyone would dare touch Jane Austen's... Continue Reading →

Girls Nerding Out at Ask Me Another

Before you prepare your pitchforks and torches, please understand that I tend to live under a rock. I am so incredibly late to the NPR bandwagon, that I feel like I am running a marathon to catch up. When my Gainesville gal pal, Christy, asked if I would join her for a live taping of NPR's... Continue Reading →

Learning How to Perfect The Blow Out

No sooner did folks clean up the New Year's Confetti and throw out the Christmas trees, Valentine's Day preparation cropped up everywhere. I am a staunch believer that each holiday should be given its due process and opportunity to shine, so businesses putting up their hearts and doilies out before the close of the previous year--... Continue Reading →

Thankful Floral Design with Farmgal Flowers and Friends

When I lived in Japan, I attempted to enjoy an ikebana ("flower arranging") class in my tiny town of Tottori. Unfortunately, as my kind yet severe instructor informed me, "while you may be Japanese on the inside, you still have an American aesthetic on the outside." I watched as my sensei dismantled my unbalanced arrangement... Continue Reading →

Meet + Make

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending my first Meet + Make organized by Sarah Hearts. I was introduced to this fantastic craftsy girls night out thanks to Meghan. I signed up on a whim after Cecille mentioned there was only one ticket left, squeaking in under the gun as it were. The event was... Continue Reading →

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