In the Ring with Fire Pro Wrestling World Part 2

A continuation of the fun I had with the crew from Fire Pro Wrestling World and had some amazing things happen!

Escaping Reality via Japanese Video Games

As I settle into my Lil House of the Nerdy, I'm finally alleviating the storage of my personal effects from my parents' house and bringing them home with me. After being nomadic for over ten years, putting down roots has been exceptionally overwhelming for me. As I continue working my way through Tidying Up, I'm... Continue Reading →

Choose Your Own Culinary Adventure Like a Tabletop Gamer

In 2001, I was introduced to the fantastic realm of tabletop gaming thanks to my colleagues in my first, after college real world job. My tabletop game of choice was Dungeons and Dragons 3.5/4e, and my preferred job classes were non-magical: a half-dragon fighter, an elven rogue and the token half-elven bard (my very first... Continue Reading →

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