Friday Five: Nerding Out at GeekyCon

At the top of the month, my pal Liz was featured on Real Geek Girls. When I tweeted about it, several people followed up with me asking why I don't have a YouTube Channel. With developing my brand, YT wasn't a platform I was ready to explore. As I prepared for GeekyCon, I noticed that... Continue Reading →

Friday 5: Summer Convention Season

Until GeekyCon rolls around at the end of July, I promise this will be the last convention related post for a few weeks! I had such a blast at MegaCon, and even though my feet are still a little mad at me, my brain is working overtime trying to process of the fun that was... Continue Reading →

Friday 5: Kentucky Derby

In 2014, I touched down in Louisville on a rainy moring, counting the private jets as we taxied to the gate. When the gate agent opened the door, she wasn't dressed in standard company uniform. She was elegant dressed in bright spring colors, pearls and one maginificent hat! It was Derby Day and the entire... Continue Reading →

Friday Five: Comedians I Love

Would you love to know my big secret on how people tend to think I am nearly ten years younger than I actually am? Aside from gallons of water and fun clothing? I have learned to take what I do seriously, but not take myself seriously. Folks often tell me that I should have gone... Continue Reading →

Friday Five: Playing the Game of Thrones

This coming Sunday, I return to the lands Westeros and Essos. I'm putting together a menu and a casual cosplay viewing party outfit, so "excited" might be putting it mildly. George R. R. Martin's (GRRM) sixth installment of A Song of Ice and Fire (ASOIAF) returns to HBO (do not click that if you don't want potential spoilers). Without the sixth... Continue Reading →

Friday Five: Nerding Out Over Tea

When April arrives and spring starts awaking from its winter slumber, I long for Japan. Some of my best memories happened in the spring as nature shrugged off her winter layers of white and gray in exchange for a rainbow of color. One of the rites of Japanese spring in the small prefecture where I... Continue Reading →

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