Wall of Champions

Honestly, what does one do with a master bedroom suite that is painted in silver paint?! After investing in Mark of Bexcellence and Rebuilt, inspiration struck me like a chair shot to the back of the head. It took nearly my first entire year as a homeowner to decide how to decorate my bedroom.  The best piece of advice a friend gave me was treat your wall art like furniture– invest in pieces that you not only love, but go together to truly pull the room together. Once the rest of the room design scheme is solidified, I’ll add a gallery.

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Phase I: Planning

In October, I started unpacking boxes from my move in December 2015. I blame The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up for leading to the discovery that wrestling really sparks joy in my life. The more I researched and learned about the WWE, I discovered the Art of Rob Schamberger.

Phase II: Championship Shopportunity!

The scene stealing details are below, but prepare yourself for an outpouring of fangirl glee and genuine gratitude for the massive number of boxes I could tick off the check list. This should keep me busy for a little while.

Phase III: Checklist of Champions!

What I anticipated to be my WrestleMania 33 shopping list, got heavily streamlined, but also tilted my design scheme in the right direction. I decided that I will start with a 5×2 framing set up, and I am 80% there!

Four Horsewomen ✔Harbingers of Progress 

I’m not heartbroken that I do not yet have a full-sized Legit Boss in my collection, since I managed to gather three of the Four Horsewomen. Sasha is one of the most popular Superstars, and the current Raw Women’s Champion never disappoints when she strolls in, so I am saving up!

  • Becky Lynch ✔ – Mark of Bexcellence – #MyFirstSchamberger
  • Bayley ✔ – Hugs
  • Charlotte Flair ✔ – Queen City
  • Sasha Banks

Showstopping Superstars

Currently, International is available both as a limited edition and an essential print. After I frame and hang the current batch, I’ll evaluate where Cesaro would fit into the mix. Even with a 5 frame x 2 row design scheme, I want to keep my Battle of the Sexes even– meaning the last two spots are for women’s champions. Plus, I have a dashing autographed photo from when I met him back in the spring.

  • Cesaro – Interntional 
  • Seth Rollins ✔ – Rebuilt
  • Shinsuke Nakamura ✔ – Eastern Son
  • Sami Zayn ✔ – Underdog
  • Finn Balor ✔ – Demon 
  • T.J. Perkins ✔ – Dabbing

Rising Superstars (formerly “Additional Pieces”)

I ran a poll on Twitter, and Asuka’s limited edition print won by a landslide! I am hoping it’s still available by the time the release for one of his current works in progress emerges in the weekly newsletter, current SmackDown Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss (slated to release on New Year’s Day 2017). These rising stars are white hot, I cannot wait to see them on my wall! Plus, I’ve been looking at pieces that could join the Harbingers at work, and my love for AJ Styles and Naomi fits the bill perfectly.

  • AsukaLocked Gaze
  • Alexa Blissa new champion has arrived! Coming soon!
  • AJ Styles – They Don’t Essential
  • Naomi – In The Dark

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