The Handmaid’s Tale 20 Years Removed

[Disclaimer: The following is a review of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale and it’s live action interpretation as depicted by Hulu. There are sensitive social and political issues such as sexuality, reproductive rights, and social impact discussed, so if you choose to engage in the discussion, please do so considerately and maturely. There also may be spoilers related to the book/TV series discussed.]

When Hulu announced they were creating a live action series based upon one of Margaret Atwood’s most famed and controversial pieces, The Handmaid’s Tale, I was skeptical because it is such a gritty story to tell. I wanted to wait until I watched the entire first series before giving my thoughts because I wanted to ensure I was reviewing it fairly. My bones are chilled, but my heart is on fire. However, my brush with this particular story started twenty years ago…

the-handmaids-tale-2“Don’t let the bastards grind you down…”

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AHSOKA Release Party [Book Review]

[From the Archives: This event took place on October 11, 2016, but I wanted to incorporate my book review.]

Liz and Danielle are two of my most beloved nerdy gal pals, and when it comes to girls nerding out, two of my truest wing gals! If I could name my Ride-or-Dies in the Rebellion, I’d have these Jedi flying the X-wings next to mine as we race to battle The Empire, First Order, or any other entity out to vanquish intergalactic peace. After a rough day at work, I was on the fence about trying to make the Orlando version of the Kessel Run during rush hour, but they did what friends do best: tell me I am going because I’ll regret it if I missed out. The Force and FOMO is definitely strong with me!

14642191_10108313481168943_2486841518272451269_nLiz & Danielle are a couple of my favorite nerdy ladies in a galaxy not-so-far away!

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Warlock Holmes: A Study in Brimstone [Book Review]

[A copy of the book Warlock Holmes: A Study in Brimstone by G.S. Denning was furnished by the publisher in exchange for my honest review.]

Between the films featuring Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law and the BBC miniseries featuring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, I’ve been securely Sherlocked for quite some time! Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s masterpiece has undergone many incarnations dating back to 1908! When I was presented the opportunity to read and review G.S. Denning’s supernatural revisitation, Warlock Holmes: A Study in Brimstone, I was thrilled to be transported back into one of my favorite cities in the world, London as the clock spun furiously back to the Victorian era.

263809_10150275953886774_5196124_nIn 2011, I visited 221B Baker Street for the first time!

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A Mini-Film Festival of Romance at Home

I often joke with my friends that when I visit my parents’ house by the beach for the holidays, I have the habit of falling into a Hallmark Channel rabbit hole; diving headlong into a maelstrom of heartbreaking love stories. Now that I own my own home, I enjoy catching up on films lingering in my viewing queues on my streaming services. On long holiday weekends, lazy Sundays, or during uneventful weekday evenings, I like to treat myself to a home-cooked meal or splurge on takeaway, pour myself a glass of adult beverage, and escape.

IMG_7477While there is a twisted love story in Suicide Squad, it didn’t make today’s list…

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WrestleMania Recap Part I

After a year long preparation, WrestleMania came and went in a bright flash! The days blurred together as my friends and I zipped around town going to events and shows, and by the end of the week, I sat in a booth at an IHOP with friends and declared, “We’re not going next year!” It isn’t because I didn’t have fun! Fun couldn’t even begin to describe my first WrestleMania week. Euphoria? Punch Drunkenness? Achieving Nerdvana?! Here’s a mere sampling of my week of wrestling shows, fan conventions, and countless nights up past my bedtime.

983999_10155110902846774_7718749190895898642_nI call upon the Power of Fandom to get me through Mania Week!
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