A Mini-Film Festival of Romance at Home

I often joke with my friends that when I visit my parents’ house by the beach for the holidays, I have the habit of falling into a Hallmark Channel rabbit hole; diving headlong into a maelstrom of heartbreaking love stories. Now that I own my own home, I enjoy catching up on films lingering in my viewing queues on my streaming services. On long holiday weekends, lazy Sundays, or during uneventful weekday evenings, I like to treat myself to a home-cooked meal or splurge on takeaway, pour myself a glass of adult beverage, and escape.

IMG_7477While there is a twisted love story in Suicide Squad, it didn’t make today’s list…

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WrestleMania Recap Part I

After a year long preparation, WrestleMania came and went in a bright flash! The days blurred together as my friends and I zipped around town going to events and shows, and by the end of the week, I sat in a booth at an IHOP with friends and declared, “We’re not going next year!” It isn’t because I didn’t have fun! Fun couldn’t even begin to describe my first WrestleMania week. Euphoria? Punch Drunkenness? Achieving Nerdvana?! Here’s a mere sampling of my week of wrestling shows, fan conventions, and countless nights up past my bedtime.

983999_10155110902846774_7718749190895898642_nI call upon the Power of Fandom to get me through Mania Week!
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Learning to Vlog Like a Boss

[Disclosure: I received an advance copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.]

In January, I revisited my YouTube channel, but I found myself struggling. A friend recommended several social media mavens with video channels, but the first name on the list became my primary resource. Enter The Vlog Boss, Amy Schmittauer. She’s a YouTube content creator, keynote speaker, and now a best selling author. When the opportunity arrived for interested parties to read and review her book, I didn’t think twice about it.


Written like your having an open dialogue with a trusted friend or beloved mentor! 

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Decorating Mania Descends at Lil House

Last week, I mentioned the killer print sale by WWE’s Artist-in-Residence, Rob Schamberger, and I snapped up a handful of  prints I previously missed out on due to hesitation1. My Black Friday shopping happened two weeks late, but I got such an incredible deal. Actually, I got more than I bargained for because someone decided to make a little holiday magic. If you don’t believe in holiday magic, let me prove you wrong right now because someone intercepted my holiday letter!

The Champions have arrived!

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Update: Art Leveled Up in Master Suite

Back in October, inspiration surged and I finally found the design scheme for my master suite. The silver walls of my bedroom inspired an unconventional theme, yet many of my friends weren’t surprised about my decision to make it wrestling themed! Previously, I talked about finding an aesthetic which would hopefully keep my Final Boss Stage from looking like a 14-year-old boy’s bedroom. I’ve sang my Rob Schamberger praises before, and I am getting ready to warm up the ole pipes again because just in time for the holidays, Mr. Schamberger announced a fantastic print sale1!

Underdog. Queen City. Eastern Son.

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