Death Before Dishonor in Las Vegas

When my friends and I started planning our Long Beach trip for NJPW, we joked that ROH was in Vegas the nights preceding... you can guess what happened...


New Japan’s Fighting Spirit Unleashed

9/30/18 in Long Beach, California, I will experience my first full NJPW solo show. What a way to celebrate my 39th birthday!

Talking CEO x NJPW with Women Wrestling Friends

No sooner did I get home from Daytona, I chatted with my friends in California, Sarah & Tamara. They're two fantastic women who also enjoy professional wrestling, and I love their podcast!

CEO x NJPW When World Collide Event Recap

The main event CEO Day 1 was the CEO x NJPW cross-branded show. It was fantastic!

In the ring with Fire Pro Wrestling World Part 1

Most people would consider a weekend staycation at the beach to be the perfect way to unwind, you'd conjure up images of laying out on the sand, walking the boardwalk or playing in the ocean. For me, it's gathering up a group of my friends who love gaming and wrestling and simply escaping the metropolitan... Continue Reading →

CEO Day One Highlights

"Daytona, I am here to 'Tranquilo', watch wrestling, and play video games!" would be the best summarization of my weekend plans for CEO Gaming in Daytona! Check out my day 1 report.

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