From The Vault: Podcasting in Tokyo

I always joked that I intentionally avoided Roppongi Hills, specifically because that is where “all the foreigners hang out,” but truthfully, I just didn’t enjoy the night club scene. I wound up there one day and not by accident! Even with  Did I ever tell you about the time I recorded a bilingual English-Japanese podcast right after moving to Tokyo, Japan? Would you believe this happened nearly ten years ago?!

1930538_35823396773_4015_nLaughter made recording the episode so much fun!

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OOTD: Love, Energy, & Iron Will

Attending WrestleCon was a last minute decision, but it was one I won’t regret in the least! After battling long lines in an uncomfortably warm and packed ballroom, I was able to meet not one but five of my favorite wrestlers1, two of which I’ve previously met. I was a bundle of nerves because I went with the goal of meeting some of my favorites from New Japan, but I also didn’t want to bungle my Japanese up either! Butterflies didn’t win out this time because I channeled my own Iron Will to keep my calm… well, for the most part!

IMG_5870Going to WrestleCon was a last minute decision which I did not regret in the least!

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OOTD: Ready for The Empress of Tomorrow

If I were to tell you that my all-time favorite female wrestler was Japanese, would you be surprised? Shortly after she appeared ringside at TakeOver Brooklyn in 2015, I started trying to learn everything I could about Kana and the Japanese sensation who would quickly take up the moniker Asuka, The Empress of Tomorrow. She holds a special place in my heart for multiple reasons, but mainly she serves as a reminder of all the best parts of who I am. My only hope is that I do her justice!

IMG_6246The Undefeated in NOLA, the Land Where Streaks Go to Die…

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OOTD: Fading to Aleister Black

In the last year, NXT has returned to the glory days of stacked cards, fantastic matches, and the travesty of having an overabundance of top-tier, international talent. One of my dark horse favorites is Aleister Black. Some may find his otherworldly, occult-inspired persona hard to digest at first, but power of the unknown is part of his persona’s drawing power. There is so much more depth to Black than many realize, and this past weekend at NXT TakeOver, he cemented himself into the exceptionally difficult rotation of my wrestling t-shirt collection. It’s a rather funny story actually…

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Star Wars and the Power of Costume

If you ask a Star Wars fan to name the most iconic costume within the entirety of the galaxy far, far away, I can guarantee that there will not be a single answer that every fan will agree upon. Personally, Princess Leia’s white robes from A New Hope will always be my favorite, but Darth Vader’s helmet had endured long after his passing, heralding a new generation of battles in outer space. A group of my friends and I kicked off a nerdy 2018 together, visiting the Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, so we could take in everything that Star Wars and the Power of Costume, a visiting exhibit from the Smithsonian!

img_2636.jpgFeeling those royal Naboo vibes down in St. Pete!

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