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On December 11, 2015, I truly felt like I had become a proper adult. Signing the papers for my mortgage for The Lil House of the Nerdy was nothing short of terrifying and exhilarating. Slowly, pictures are going up on the wall, boxes are getting unpacked, and hair is being pulled out over paint colors. As levels are beaten, their walk-throughs shall be updated. For now, contemplate your next move.


Dungeon Level (First Floor) 

  • Gator Girl Galley – I called The Swamp home for six years during my undergrad years and the years immediately following graduation. You can take the girl out of Gainesville, but you can’t take the Gator out of the girl.
  • The Jubilant Traveler Dining Hall & Lounge (Dining & Living Rooms) – The foyer, dining and living rooms flow continuously into one another on the first floor, so I would like to have a unified design scheme, subtly weaving together my geek and nerd flags together. A sophisticated mixture of fantasy, science fiction, and hospitality just like any proper pub where all great campaigns begin.
  • Time Warp Powder Room – Half bathroom for company. Prepped for a retro hotel makeover. May have some Old Florida influence with some nerdy notions woven in.

Boss Level (Second Floor)

  • Literary Lounge (Office) – Since I was in undergrad, I dreamed of a dedicated space for reading and writing. Inspired by my late uncle’s home library and media space, I want to create the perfect She Shed within my own home.
  • Room at the Inn (Guest Bed & Bath) – LOCKED
  • Hall of Champions (Master Suite) – UNLOCKED 12/16/16! I am certain you didn’t think professional wrestling would be the solution for a bright metallic paint job?

Bonus Stages – #Spoilers

  • Warp Zone (Front Porch) – Before you fall down the rabbit hole, wander into The Wardrobe, or vanish through the Police Box door, take a deep breath or two and relax before your adventure begins.
  • Genkan (Mudroom/Laundry) – Traditionally, the genkan (Japanese version of a foyer) is the entrance to a building or home. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean the formal front entrance. Going back to my time in Japan, this Lil House is going to be shoes off!
  • Save Point (Courtyard Patio) – Between the house and the detached garage is an enclosed courtyard with wood decking. When the weather is gorgeous, this will be the refuge from the world where I can relax and entertain.
  • Geek Chic Shred Shed (Garage) – Though I’ll have access to fitness facilities in my neighborhood, I intend on building an modest collection of items readily on hand at home, so I never have an excuse to continue upon my epic fitness quest!

Side Quests – LOCKED