Hire Me!

I love collaborating and working with brands, especially when I get to nerd out together with others! Currently, several options are available:

1. Sponsored Content

Posts dedicated to sponsored content will incorporate the image (including theme/message) of the brand represented in conjunction with the voice of Karen Nerds Out.

Price: Negotiable dependent upon the brand’s promotional requirements and guidelines.

2. Product Review/Giveaways

A review is defined by the brand sending review product to Karen for testing purposes. A post is then written on her experience with product details and specifications included.

Statistically, posts with giveaways attached are more often shared through social media than those without. Brand holds responsibility for product fulfillment and shipping.

Giveaways must meet minimum $50 value.

3. Product Samples

Are you inquiring about sending a shipment of product for Karen to try out? Receipt of samples does not indicate agreement for blog coverage, so please notify prior to shipping.

img_6466Let Karen Nerd Out over YOU!  (shirt: Jordan Dené)