Define Karen Nerds Out without “geek speak.”

Karen Nerds Out (KNO) is a lifestyle blog celebrating the diverse interests grown-up nerd in her late thirties. Growing up a fan of the science fiction and fantasy genres, I discuss various topics associated with film/television, gaming, and books. Living in Orlando, Florida, there is a rapidly growing nerd culture thanks to the local theme parks and college campuses, and I am determined to take everyone along for the adventure!

me(photo: Alexis June Weddings)

What is the Little House of the Nerdy?

In December 2015, I purchased my first home, and I am determined to create a subtly nerdy home. Projects will include home improvements, decorating, cooking, and entertaining with a geek chic flair!

Where else does Karen Nerd Out?

Aside from KNO, you can nerd out with me on FacebookInstagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Are you interested in guest posting and advertising?

Sure! I would love to collaborate and continue debunking the myths about nerdy adulthood. Further details on the types of advertisements are available here. Send me an e-mail and let’s nerd out together!

Care to nerd out with me?

Kindly email and we can get the geeky conversation started!