From The Vault: Podcasting in Tokyo

Nearly ten years ago, I moved to Tokyo after five years in west Japan. Within weeks of arrival, I achieved another dream: recording a podcast... for one of the biggest radio stations IN Japan!


Star Wars and the Power of Costume

If you ask a Star Wars fan to name the most iconic costume within the entirety of the galaxy far, far away, I can guarantee that there will not be a single answer that every fan will agree upon. Personally, Princess Leia's white robes from A New Hope will always be my favorite, but Darth... Continue Reading →

Jughead Jones DIY Crown Beanie

I absolutely loved the Jughead Jones crown beanie from Hot Topic, but I wanted something with a little more sentimental value.

WWE NXT Superstars versus a 737 Aircraft?!

11/4/17: WWE's NXT Superstars will be participating in the Plane Pull benefitting Special Olympics Florida.

For Las Vegas

My thoughts on the Las Vegas shooting on October 1, 2017.

Brining Hygge to Florida Living

My experience reading The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking and how I would like to apply it to my daily life.

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