OOTD: Rocky Romero Special at ROH DBD

One of the more time-consuming things about going to a show, isn’t getting prettied up and out the door, but deciding what to wear. Planning which outfits to wear to which shows while also taking into consideration that one is traveling with a single carry-on suitcase can be quite a task, especially when you have more than one favorite wrestler or faction (yes, you can like more than one person). When it comes to going to shows, I try to find a perfect balance between cute and practical!

There was neither Death nor Dishonor tonight, so I left all smiles!

I cannot say enough nice things about Rocky Romero, especially since he wears so many hats as a long-time contributor to NJPW. During the pre-show meet and greets, I tried not to monopolize too much of Rocky’s time, but he is one of the most charming folks a fan could ever meet. It is seldom that I find others who love Japan as much as I do here in the States as most of my friends from my time in Japan are scattered around the globe.  As a gaijin, I absolutely respect everything he’s done to serve as an ambassador for NJPW, especially working hard to bring the western markets into the fold without sacrificing his authenticity as a performer.

I confessed that my biggest regret while in Japan was not being brave enough to ask questions about professional wrestling while I was there from 2003-2008 or when I was regularly flying there in 2012-2013. Although, I feel like I am constantly playing a perpetual game of catch up, being late to the New Japan party isn’t such a bad thing! No sense in dwelling on missed chances because with NJPW World, I can take a deep dive and catch up on decades of matches! Before I meet Rocky again, I want to learn more about Roppongi Vice, one of his greatest contributions to NJPW in the ring.

img_0461Don’t let the mean mugging fool you, Rocky is one of the most humble & genuine around.

When it came to selecting my outfit for Death Before Dishonor, I selected a shirt for one of the performers on the card. Despite all my love for CHAOS and Okada, I had neither represented in my wrestle shirt collection. While I did have my Roppongi 3K shirt, SHO and YOH were not on the card, so I elected to wear the hat instead. Since Rocky was not only on the show, but participating in the pre-show meet and greets, I decided it was the right time to debut the shirt at a show!

Outfit of the Day

  • King of Sneaky Style t-shirt – “available at RockyRomeroMerch.com”
  • white destroyed denim by Denzien x Levi’s
  • Roppongi 3K cap1 – from NJPW Shop Japan
  • TOKYO wedge sneakers – by Nike (City Collection)

The first time I saw Rocky perform live was three months prior at CEO x NJPW, where he faced Jushin Thunder Liger and his boys, SHO & YOH, from Roppongi 3K took on Dragon Lee and Ryusuke Taguchi. During his entrance, he saw me in my RPG3K shirt and hat and gave me the 3K high touch (like a high five, but with the 3K hand gesture). Living up to his King of Sneaky Style namesake, he would later show up in the night during SHO & YOH’s match to try and help them win. Unfortunately, all his sneakiness would be for naught, the Taguchi/Lee would secure the win.

I believe my closet belongs to CHAOS now.  (at ROH DBD)

At ROH DBD, Rocky teamed with his CHAOS stablemates and they all rocked a brand new team shirt, which was designed by Riccardo Ali, the same Italian artist responsible for the fantastic logo design for Roppongi 3K! Normally, I’ve avoided shirts with kanji (Chinese Characters used in Japanese) for years because there are usually made by companies who do not properly understand Japanese. The Konton (CHAOS) shirt was first released at the LA Dojo meet and greets the following afternoon, and I’m fairly certain you know who left the Dojo with one.

Curse you, Rocky, for your great design and marketing sense!!

A First Class Ticket OUT of Paradise!

Before the show, my friends and I dropped by the Las Vegas Fight Shop. In the back right corner, there is a beefy wrestling section jam-packed merchandise for both New Japan Pro Wrestling & WWE. I walked in without an action plan aside from ‘if you buy something, you can only pick one item.’ I wasn’t even in the store for five minutes before I found myself elbows deep in the shirt racks, and pulling my size in the SANADA x Tokyo Hiro t-shirt.

SANADA×TOKYO HIRO TEEI doubt I’ll ever look this cool in that shirt, but a girl can totally try! (photo: NJPW Shop)

One of my favorite moments from this summer’s G1 Climax was SANADA punishing Toru Yano from CHAOS for cheating during their match on night 14. Rocky was on the English commentary team with Kevin Kelly but made the grave mistake of trying to help his fallen brethren!

Rocky’s famous last words, “I’m gonna help him!”

My favorite part of this entire moment of the G1 is that after SANADA puts Rocky in the Paradise Lock, he makes a point to put Rocky’s commentary headset back on him, so the audio of him begging for Milano Collection A.T. to help get him free is loud and clear on the English audio track. Milano is one of the Japanese commentators, a retired wrestler himself, and one of the only keepers to the secret of unlocking the Paradise Lock! This great moment would also lead to my ordering SHO’s black and yellow DANGER High Voltage t-shirt2 because Rocky made it look so dapper on TV.

img_0184-e1538585499979.jpgTHX, LVFS, for my SANADA Paradise Lock Prevention Kit!

My visit to LVFS was mercifully short for my wallet because we were hopping around The Strip prior to the show! We had to make sure there was enough time to drop off our purchases before heading over to the show, but I had a blast.


  1. Massive shout to my friend, Ben, who was at night one of the Best of the Super Juniors in Tokyo for checking his phone and picking me up that RPG3K hat. It’s one of my most treasured NJPW possessions.
  2. Pro Wrestling Tees had a crazy 40% off New Japan Pro-Wrestling merch sale during the closing of the Destruction series in September. It finally made ordering this shirt from PWT cheaper than getting it shipped from Japan.

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