Death Before Dishonor in Las Vegas

Shortly after booking our plane tickets to California, we noticed that Ring of Honor Wrestling, who often partners with New Japan, announced one of their big annual Pay-Per-View events in Las Vegas. We joked, “Vegas is only four hours away. It’s like driving Orlando to Miami…” but we agreed that we wouldn’t completely rule it out of the realm of possibility since we did make the ten-hour drive to New Orleans for WrestleMania only a few months ago! Right before the on-sale date for Fighting Spirit Unleashed, ROH doubled down and called our bluff with their first match announcement…

IMG_1385The aftermath of my first Ring of Honor show in November 2017.

As someone only a year into both New Japan and Ring of Honor, there has been a steep learning curve. The partnership with New Japan truly sparked my interest in finally stepping through the ROH door, especially since many of the younger talents filter through Ring of Honor while on their international training excursions. I truly had no clue how interwoven their cross-promotion ties were!

I resolved not to think about Las Vegas and then they dropped the hammer: the first signed match announcement was CHAOS, featuring Kazuchika Okada, Rocky Romero, Tomohiro Ishii, Chuck Taylor and Trent Barreta, against Bullet Club mainstays Cody Rhodes, Adam Page, Marty Scurll, and The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson). Within minutes of the announcement, the gang and I were holding an emergency planning meeting to rework the start of our trip!

Just yank my CHAOS heartstrings with this first match announcement, ROH!

Event Details

Talent Announcements

In addition to the ROH main roster including all current champions, names from the New Japan roster started trickling in!

  • Bullet Club vs. CHAOS Signed at DBD: Of the ten men in this match, the only person I haven’t seen wrestle live is the leader of Chaos, Kazuchika Okada.
  • Jushin “Thunder” Liger Returns at DBD: I saw Liger for the first time at CEO x NJPW, but after a deep dive on the NJPW World streaming catalog, he’s easily one of my favorite veterans in the entire company.

Meet & Greet Details

Much like the New Japan announcements, the talent scheduled will be announced closer to the event date. Fingers crossed, with all the NJPW talent they usually bring over for their ‘International TV Tapings,’ I will hopefully be able to check a few more off the list. At November’s Sunshine Excellence, I experienced ROH’s ticketed format for meet-and-greets, and I was exceptionally underprepared for it. Fans queue up (sometimes hours before doors open to secure a place in line) to buy tickets, and then divided into lines. It was rather stressful for me, even though I was with friends who were seasoned veterans of the ROH format. I’m also a big fan of prepurchased fan events because I never seem to have enough cash on hand for last-minute impulse buys.

IMG_3141If you ever get a chance to meet “Hangman” Adam Page, do it. Such a gentleman!

I didn’t know it at the time, but Page’s star was rapidly rising in New Japan, despite being an established talent within ROH. However, it wasn’t until his stellar performance in this summer’s G1 Climax Tournament, that I finally added him to the favorites list.

Even though Ring of Honor frequently circulates through central Florida, I only went to my first ROH show last November. Now that I think about it, I bought my ticket as a birthday present to myself, so it seems now that it’s becoming a tradition! However, unlike last time, I won’t be sitting alone. I’ll be side-by-side with some of my favorite people to go to shows with as well as travel with! Time to start chasing up thing to do in Las Vegas when you only have 24 hours in town.

With one more television taping prior to Death Before Dishonor, we are eagerly waiting for the Philadelphia Excellence tapings on August 28th. Until then, they are holding off on announcing matches for the DBD event, but have already started announcing New Japan talent for the international TV tapings the day after, including KUSHIDA and EVIL. KUSHIDA is the one I was hoping to meet most either at the M&G prior to DBD or at the NJPW Dojo event/press conference, should it be announced. This may complicate plans for the Long Beach leg of our trip, but fingers crossed that it all works out!

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