New Japan’s Fighting Spirit Unleashed

After a fantastic weekend at CEO 2018, where I got my first proper taste of a New Japan Pro Wrestling show, I prepared to have some of the gang over to watch the NJPW G1 Special in San Francisco. The day before, my jaw hit the table when the new CEO, Harold Meij, announced their next US show in Long Beach, California: Fighting Spirit Unleashed. As we watched the G1-Special the next night, the girls and I joked about going for my 39th birthday, and when we saw $200 roundtrip tickets to LA, we bought first and decided to worry about event tickets later!

California knows how to party!

Previously at The G1 Special in San Francisco

A week after CEO x NJPW, New Japan had their second west coast show of 2018. Sandwiched between two critical month-long tournaments1: The Best of the Super Juniors and the G1-Climax, the G1 Special helped set some wheels in motion for some dynamic power shifts within the landscape of New Japan. Championship titles changed hands! Surprise guests appeared! A coup erupted in one of it’s biggest and wildly popular factions!

Tickets on sale now2!

Event Details

  • Venue: The Walter Pyramid, 1250 Bellflower Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90840
  • Date: Sunday, September 30, 2018
  • Doors/Start: 3:30PM/5PM Pacific Time

Meet & Greet Information

Based on previous New Japan-US events, the meet and greet events are they day prior after the formal press conference. The prices are comparable to what I paid at WrestleCon this year to meet Tanahashi and Suzuki ($25/ talent).

My sincere hope is that they have it all at the LA Dojo like they did for Strong Style Saturday, complete with contract signing, demo matches, event goods, and more! I hope that instead of buying tickets at the event, they opt to do advanced online purchasing like they did for the G1 Special. Meet and greet information is released several weeks before the event, but go on sale shortly after the announcement, so I have to be ready by early September.

Looking at the show schedule, I noticed that no matches scheduled in Japan the week prior to Fighting Spirit Unleashed, so I joked with my friends, “with ROH having a Pay-Per-View show in Las Vegas the Friday before, watch them pull some New Japan talent for it.” I wonder if we’ll be making that four-hour drive to Sin City.

I can’t thank my friends enough for battling the online system Hunger Games-style to make sure that we locked in some prime seats for this show. I’ve never been to Long Beach, so I am looking forward to exploring a new city with some truly great people.


  1. NJPW Tournaments are divided into two blocks, and every man fights each opponent in that block. Winner of each block competes in the final.
    1. Best of the Super Juniors 25 – 16 junior heavyweights (205 pounds & under); Hiromu Takahashi won, challenged then champion, Will Ospreay at Dominion, and won the Jr. Heavy Championship
    2. G1-Climax 28 – twenty heavyweights; The winner can challenge for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship at WrestleKingdom in January 2019. If the winner is the current champion, they get to select their opponent.
  2. This is not an affiliate link. Directs to the Long Beach State University Athletics website.

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