Talking CEO x NJPW with Women Wrestling Friends

Last year, prior to WrestleMania 33 here in Orlando, I spent a fantastic 90 minutes discussing wrestling, WWE and opinions on ring gear fashion. Unfortunately, that content was too fiery for the internet because the audio was completely unusable. I don’t know how a year and a half passed since that fantastic time, but fresh off the heels of CEO x NJPW, I chatted with Sarah the Rebel and Misfits Tamara about my experience with the colliding of the wrestling and gaming worlds.

be5a0a904d44cd77ec07f883f611baf6_L.jpgWWF is also available on iTunes! Go check them out!

Check out our animated conversation at Women Wrestling Friends. The conversation will cover several topics in addition to my ringside experience at CEO X NJPW. We spend the greater part of an hour nerding out over professional wrestling, talking about my origin story with regard to learning Japanese, loving professional wrestling, and how I found myself at a wrestling show during a weekend-long fighting game tournament.

I don’t want to spoil too much, but I love talking wrestling with other female fans because I can speak without judgement. Being a female fan in a traditionlly male-dominated industry and fandom can be not only daunting, but an exceptionally frustrating and patronizing. I will be the first to admit that while I’ve watched profressional wrestling on and off since university, the history of theprofessional wrestling is so deep and there are so many different markets, that I don’t know everything.

img_7656It’s only been a week, but it still feel so real!

As for New Japan, I’ve only started watching in the last summer, but since I’ve started, I truly regret not being brave enough to ask about NJPW and the Japanese wrestling scene when I lived there. I could have seen the start of countless careers for the present-day top stars in Japan and ones who have ventured to WWE like Hideo Itami, Shinsuke Nakamura, Asuka, Akira Tozawa, Kairi Sane and now Io Shirai. I’ve been fortunate enough to see all of them here in Orlando with the exception of Shirai, but now that she’s been signed to WWE, I’m sure I’ll see her in the second Mae Young Classic in August and NXT shortly there after.

Earlier this year, New Japan had the Strong Style Evolved show in Long Beach, California and tonight will be the G1 Special in San Francisco. Yesterday at the event press conference, the new CEO of NJPW, Meij, announced a return to Long Beach on September 30th for Fighting Spirit Unleashed and two-day special for the Young Lions (rookies) called The Lions’ Break November 10th-11th. I am very excited that New Japan is beginning to expand into the international market aside from talent exchanges with international companies. I just need them to come to the east coast (or somewhere a little closer)!

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 11.24.35 PMNever thought I’d see my name on iTunes again!

It’s been nearly nine years since I recorded a proper podcast episode, but I am so thankful that Sarah and Tamara were able to coordinate my participation on their show! I cannot thank them enough for giving me a platform to talk about one of the most incredible weekends of my 2018 so far, and being a couple of fantastic women whom I love chatting with. I hope it’s not another 18 months before we can do it all over again!

lzxxJI0ISoyYjmnmlDnMSgI’ll always have love and energy for the Tanahashi pose! Go Ace!

Sarah and Tamara work hard on Women Wrestling Friends, so if you like what you hear, please subscribe and leave them a review. Also, professional studio time isn’t cheap, so if you have a couple of dollars to spend and you’re interested in empowering women to create really cool things, please “buy them a Ko-fi.”

Check them out on Twitter because they have rad opinions on many things, not just wrestling!

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