Jughead Jones DIY Crown Beanie

Archie Comics were one of my favorite things to beg my mom to buy me as a kid going through the checkout lane in the market. You can imagine my elation when Riverdale was announced for the CW. The darker twist on the Archie Comics classic totally has my attention, and the more I watch it, the more obsessed I am becoming with it! Proper Riverdale-level winter weather has been nudging it’s way into central Florida, so I collaborated with one of my favorite people to make a knit version of Jughead’s signature hat: my Mom.

Coming soon: Jughead Jones casual cosplay shirt thanks to ReedPOP Supply, Co.

Made with Love by Mom

My mother is a crafty lady. Sewing, crocheting, and knitting– she does it all. When I mentioned wanting a Jughead beanie, but not completely sold on the Hot Topic Exclusive version. It isn’t that I didn’t like it, but when it comes to knit items, I’ve been spoiled by my mom’s fantastic handwork in the past. If I were to get a Jughead beanie, I’d want something with some sentimental value. I showed her a photo and I asked if it would be something complicated to make. Mom took one look at it and went to her iPad. Within ten minutes had found a pattern and we were raiding her yarn stash in her craft cave.

Winner: Caron Simply Soft in Soft Grey Heather (100% acrylic)

As we wound down after dinner Thanksgiving night, mom got straight to work while we drank wine and watched Hallmark Channel Christmas movies. I went to bed and the next morning over coffee, she had me try it on! If left to my own devices, I’d either still be trying to finish it, or I would have caved and bought the HT version by now.

Twenty-four hours later… I’m almost ready to hit up Pop’s Chock’Lit Shoppe!

Seeking the Perfect Accents

There was the option to simply sew on some simple buttons for the dot and rectangle accent on the crown beanie, but I elected to up my enamel pin game and check out what I could discover on Etsy. I wanted to do a girly version of my Jughead hat, so I elected to search for cute pins.

“I Love Food” enamel pin by Near Modern Disaster

Jones is infamous for his love for burgers and ability to pack in massive amounts of food, so when I saw NMD’s “I Love Food” pin, I couldn’t help myself. When I mentioned that I would be using it as an accent for my hat, the Jacksonville, Florida creator was thrilled! This pin was one of the only things I bought on Black Friday.

“Plz get AWAY from me” by Liana Kangas

In Riverdale, Cole Sprouse’s incarnation of Jughead Jones is more angsty rebel in love with the girl next door, Betty Cooper. For the larger part of a year, I wanted one Liana’s, “Plz get AWAY from me” patches, but when I saw that she did a run of pins, I couldn’t have picked a better compliment to my “I Love Food” pin. Liana is a personal friend and a fantastic comic artist, so I am so happy I could find a way to support her work and business!

Final Product

Florida doesn’t usually get much cold weather, but there is enough of it for this hat to get plenty of mileage. I received lots of compliments, and because the design is a subtle nod to Riverdale, I’ve have a couple of double takes. Between the cost of the pattern, the yarn, and the pins, it might have cost more than the HT version, but this one means so much more than a Black Friday impulse buy.

Ready to hit up the Chock-Lit Shoppe!

I had a wicked cold that kept me from doing my scheduled photoshoot, so a follow-up is forthcoming. I tried a taking some photos in the Burgers Forever shirt, but not feeling 100% kept me from liking any of the photos!


I can’t thank my mom enough for her constantly supporting her nerdy child. Just wait until I show off the Q-bert and Star Wars afghans and Firefly Cunning Hat-inspire felted slippers she made for me!

Let’s Nerd Out!

  1. Have you ever read Archie Comics? Do you prefer the originals or the new ones?
  2. Who is your favorite character & why?
  3. Have you watched Riverdale? What do you think about it?



  1. I didn’t mean to have a wrestling shirt in this post, but the hat was finished before my shirt arrived from RPSC. However, The Mighty Don’t Kneel (TMDK) and TM61 are a fantastic Australian stable and tag team, so go check them out!


One thought on “Jughead Jones DIY Crown Beanie

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  1. I *love* the pins! They’re absolutely PERFECT! 😍

    1) Yup, I’ve read both the old and new ones! I really love both equally; they both have their distinct flair that makes them unique. The classics will never be replicated, yet, the new takes on the classic is so fresh and intriguing that I can’t help but read them all!

    2) Betty and Jughead have always been my favorites! Betty, I always thought, was a gal who could take care of everything herself; she was independent and stayed true to herself. She did, however, have her moments of blindness due to love, but… I guess that’s how teenagers work, right? 😅 Jughead was just so cool to me because he just ate all that food and he would stay perfectly thin, lmao! But I like how perceptive and smart he is. Definitely the most interesting guy in the series!

    3) I’m actually gonna start binge watching the first season this week! I’ll let you know my thoughts on it~ 😉

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