Learning to Vlog Like a Boss

[Disclosure: I received an advance copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.]

In January, I revisited my YouTube channel, but I found myself struggling. A friend recommended several social media mavens with video channels, but the first name on the list became my primary resource. Enter The Vlog Boss, Amy Schmittauer. She’s a YouTube content creator, keynote speaker, and now a best selling author. When the opportunity arrived for interested parties to read and review her book, I didn’t think twice about it.


Written like your having an open dialogue with a trusted friend or beloved mentor! 

About The Vlog Boss

Amy Schmittauer runs the fantastic community of Savvy, Sexy, Social and her YouTube channel has become my digital reference guide throughout my journey to design an launch my own channel. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this confident woman. She’s built her brand and cultivated the type of life she wants to live! I must confess, when I first happened upon her channel, her bookcase was what caught my attention (because I am an unapologetic bibliophile).

Killing in On AND Offline! She sings, too!

On her channel, she provides her viewers with information in plain English and explains insider tips without sounding haughty or patronizing. As a new content creator, this resonated deeply with me as I sought out creators whose content and approach mattered. On the flip side, as an audience member, she did the one thing I do hope to do with my own channel — made me not only feel included, but valued within the Social community. In conjunction with her book lunch, Amy did a daily vlog countdown throughout January documenting her daily life, and she made it engaging and exciting.

About The Book

In the introduction of Vlog Like a Boss: How to Kill It Online with Video Blogging, Amy point blank issues a challenge to the reader: “…if you didn’t pick this book up with the intention to get stuff done, it’s not your time…” For those unfamiliar with how Amy diplomatically applies her business acumen to her social media advice, this one line could sound exceptionally off putting. I read that line several times aloud, but it prompted something very crucial within– it made me genuinely question my preparedness and willingness to do the work. The more I re-read that single line and looked at myself in the video I attempted to shoot, I realized I wasn’t ready to “vlog like a boss.”

Admitting I wasn’t ready was difficult to admit, especially when tasked with reviewing a book specifically on chasing one’s dreams. How can I not be ready to chase my dreams?! I am perfectly fine with being a respectable, intelligent and professional fangirl, but I refuse to be a full-time day dreaming princess waiting for someone to rescue her from her castle! To be fair, it took well over a month of negotiating, reasoning, and organizing myself before I determined that I was prepared.

IMG_4542Vlogging is like a very selective box of chocolates, thing fancy kind are the ones to get!

I had a revelation. I needed to spend time with The Vlog Boss away from my home, The Lil House of the Nerdy, where I should be focusing on writing not bingeing on video streaming services, and I needed to stop taking all of my lunches inside my office at work because I never manage to have an uninterrupted lunch hour when I put up the ‘at lunch’ sign on my door. My solution entailed specifically carving out personal time to read in public; away from my laptop at home and my desktop at the office. I enjoyed picking book-Amy’s brain over glasses of wine at some of my favorite local establishments, ventured onto the veranda at work to drown out the real wolr and I even had a Forest Gump moment, sitting on a park bench under a beautiful flowering tree in Winter Park as I read.

Vlog Like a Boss is a clinic for those wishing to get into vlogging!


Like her video channel, Schmittauer’s book is a concise, no-nonsense manual on video blogging. She gives honest advice, insider tips, and provides fantastic tips without presenting a massive shopping list of must-have technology. Many of the vlog/blog genre books tout the “you have to spent [exorbitant amounts] money to make money” which as a novice is completely off-putting. Amy shatters myths and directs even the fledgling creator in the right direction with content driven suggestions. I thoroughly enjoyed my digital version, but Vlog Like a Boss deserves a spot in any video blogging creator’s personal library (preferably within arm’s reach)!

IMG_4540The pink trumpet trees remind me of cherry blossoms in Japanese spring!

My only question is… where can I buy a signed, hardcover copy for my personal collection so I can keep it on my desk?! 

Learn more about Amy at Savvy, Sexy, Social and definitely check out her Vlog Boss Radio podcast! She also manages her own private, tiered course system called Vlog Boss University. I am one of her devoted Socials, and I could highly recommend her and #VlogLikeABoss to anyone, especially people I liked! Just be ready to invest the time and energy outside of reading the book!

17190791_10207831774186409_6521699264712971915_nTo be fair, Amy told me to go after what I want. Along with being a #VlogBoss, I wanted macarons.

Answer Me, These Questions Three

  1. When it comes to books do you prefer paper pages or digital ink?
  2. Have you ever thought about starting your own video channel?
  3. What keeps you from going after what you want?

4 thoughts on “Learning to Vlog Like a Boss

Add yours

  1. I like paperback better but I find I’m reading more and more books on my phone.

    I have started a youtube channel and I try to post videos once a week but sometimes life gets in the way and I don’t make a bit deal out of it.

    Nothing is keeping me from reaching my dreams but I really do enjoy being a stay at home mom. Just life can be very busy with a boy and another one on the way. XD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m hopping over to your YouTube channel and subscribing! I love having new channels to follow. 🙂

    I definitely prefer paper to digital, though I certainly can admit that digital is much more convenient and space-saving!

    I’ve considered a YouTube channel for my art, but I know that I don’t want to make time for it. I know NOTHING about video editing, and currently don’t want to prioritize learning it! With streaming on Twitch, I’m considering turning those into time lapse vids, but we’ll see. Maybe someday!

    Fear is definitely the things that keeps me at bay sometimes. Fear of not being good enough usually. I’ve skipped out on applying for art jobs because of that! It’s definitely something I’m working on for the year.

    Liked by 1 person

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