Update: Art Leveled Up in Master Suite

Back in October, inspiration surged and I finally found the design scheme for my master suite. The silver walls of my bedroom inspired an unconventional theme, yet many of my friends weren’t surprised about my decision to make it wrestling themed! Previously, I talked about finding an aesthetic which would hopefully keep my Final Boss Stage from looking like a 14-year-old boy’s bedroom. I’ve sang my Rob Schamberger praises before, and I am getting ready to warm up the ole pipes again because just in time for the holidays, Mr. Schamberger announced a fantastic print sale1!

Underdog. Queen City. Eastern Son.

Those joining me on the Twitter machine lately will notice a large uptick in wrestling-related content. No, Karen Nerds Out is not undergoing another metamorphosis. With WrestleMania 33 coming to Orlando in the spring and discovering a fantastic group of local friends who are passionate about wrestling, my scope of fandom has expanded to include another realm. In stride with Star Wars, Harry Potter, anime, and my ever growing collection of Funko Pop, WWE has a foothold in my life. There is plenty of wall space available in The Lil House of the Nerdy, enough for all of my favorite fandoms!

After missing several chances to get fantastic art, I stopped ignoring my e-mail box notifications on Sundays because Rob Schamberger’s newsletter arrives! His limited run prints often vanish before I can runs the numbers and sign into PayPal (because it’s easier than blaming snoozing and brunching!) You want to talk about a chance for redemption for missed opportunities? The prints released in the sale were classified as Essentials, a spot on, perfect classification. I was proud to see that many of the pieces I previously desired made the list! Using a bracket elimination system, I narrowed down my choices.

Sami Zayn – Underdog

Sami is fighting the good fight on Raw, still rallying under his Underdog banner. Personally, I would love to see him shine on the SmackDown Live roster, especially chasing that Intercontinental strap with the amazing talent available! I was thrilled to see that one of my top wish list prints was on the list. Originally listed only under the limited edition prints section, I was shocked to see him readily available. I’ve been rooting for Sami since NXT, and I’m officially drafting him for my Wall of Champions.

“Let’s Go!” Yes, Sir. Let’s.

Charlotte – Queen City

Previously, I mentioned that I missed out on a Charlotte print, one that I had seen both on the WWE Shop and at the house shows. The print I was alluding to was Schamberger’s Queen City. He’s done several interpretations of the three-time Raw Women’s Champion, but his version has always been my favorite. Charlotte has been incredible since moving to the Main Roster, but when she was a face champion in NXT, I adored her. I couldn’t pass her up for a third time, or I would truly deserve the gap in my collection!


Shinsuke Nakamura – Eastern Son

Initially, I was planning on buying the t-shirt version of Eastern Son and fashion it into a throw pillow, but when it showed up on the print list, I heard those violins playing. I honestly didn’t expect this rendition of Shinsuke to appear on the list, especially after a newer version was recently released in his Chiaroscuro Series2. I met Shinsuke last month at the UCF Men’s Basketball opener and I spoke with him in Japanese. We talked about when I lived in Tottori and when I was a teacher in Japan. Until I can speak with him again, I will continue cheering for The King of Strong Style in Orlando.

“YeaOh!” King of Strong Style.

Who’s next? Stay tuned to find out!

I had to pace myself as there were at least four other prints that I wanted, but I needed to be judicious so as not to overspend. Hugs (Bayley) was available for a hot second, but vanished by sunrise. Others jockeying for my attention included Demon (Finn Balor), International (Cesaro), Legit (Sasha) and the adorable duo of Sasha and Bayley in Connected! I haven’t forgotten about the Locked Gaze (Asuka) print either, but I needed to embrace the ‘shopportunity’ to collect some of the originals I missed out on!

I can’t wait to begin arranging frames to see how everything comes together with  The Architect and Mark of Bexcellence. Time to hit up Michael’s for several more black 11″x14″ Studio Belmont frames and order them online while they are on sale3!

Answer Me, These Questions Three

  1. When it comes to items in limited release format, do you ever take a chance and hope it goes on sale?
  2. How do you cope on missing out on something you really wanted while patiently waiting for it to go on sale?
  3. Should something be re-released at a lower price point, do you buy it even though it is no longer considered an exclusive or limited item?

The Harbingers of Progress have arrived in my office!


  1. No, this is not an advert. I am simply a firm believer in supporting small businesses and genuinely good people.
  2. When I studied in Rome, Italy, I learned about chiaroscuro during one of our class tours. I love the combination of light and dark, but I wanted colored images to help break up all the silver wall paint.
  3. I still don’t understand how they are cheaper online, including tax and shipping than in-store. All three of my Shambergers are framed in the same black 11″x14″ frame because I am a Virgo and I love consistency to a fault.

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