Nerdy Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are currently all the rage, and you can find an overwhelming number of options, interests and fandoms available. I have the hardest time committing to subscription boxes because not only do I get overwhelmed by the choices available, but I also due to my inability to relinquish purchasing power to others. Here and there, I have felt the twinges of non-buyer’s remorse when certain items have cropped up, but by and large avoiding the sub box rabbit hole has been a blessing. That being said, I’ve managed to find three that I would gladly dive into, given the opportunity.

IMG_2675I did a review for a fitness box previously, here’s my take on BuluBox1.

There are many food, health and makeup boxes out there, but with food allergies, clean eating, and my inability to burn through makeup quickly– I don’t see them as practical investments. There a heaps of book and tea boxes, but without a properly library in place to store books and hot weather most of the year, these are also not practical options. I love many of the fandom related boxes available, but they tend to be jewerly heavy (which I seldom wear any) or rather pricey. This leaves three, moderately priced boxes which I wouldn’t mind showing up on my porch any given day of the week!

Currently, I do not have any running subscriptions for mail order items. I’m still working on that Marie Kondo decluttering my life method. It is so hard to window shop, especially at the holidays when there are so many fabulous, last minute items cropping up left and right.

Kira Kira Crate (by Japan Crate)

One of the things I miss most from Japan were my Friday evening at home spa evenings. Even at the 100-yen shops, I could find inexpensive bath bombs, Enter Kira Kira (‘twinkle’ or ‘sparkle’) Crate — a curated collection of Japanese cosmetics shipped in a monthly subscription format.While I miss all the cute toys and delicious snacks now readily available in the Japan Crate universe, their beauty box is the most practical option for me.

I love Reina’s simple explanations as well as her trial and error approach!

WWE Slam Crate (by Loot Crate; $29.99 + S&H; bimonthly)

I waited out on the first Slam Crate because I wasn’t sure if the items enclosed were items I needed. Unfortunately, the first two reveals for the second box in the series, have me hooked: a limited edition AJ Styles’ Authentic Tee shirt (in black) and an adorable Bayley bear (complete with hugger t-shirt and signature headband). I love that there is a theme, and the upcoming release is “Dream Big!” With the new year just around the corner what better way to inspire the underdog in your life! Orders close 12/15/16 and during their 21 Days of Geekmas, there are daily promo codes for discounts!

Zack Ryder is quite the unboxing pro! Woo Woo Woo!

Loot Pets! (by Loot Crate; $19.99 + S&H; monthly)

Zelda is the resident NerDoggie here at the Lil House of the Nerdy, and I have bought her the occasional nerdy toy or treat, but I never realized there was a boxed option available. Many of my friends rave about BarkBox, but it is reassuring to know that nerdy dogs are getting their day, too! The toys and doggy shirts are really cool, but knowing Z’s uncanny ability to reverse engineer things, I don’t know how long the cuteness would last.

Could you imagine Z being the next YouTube star? She would need SO much training!

Personally, as much I would love to have items directly shipped to my house monthly or every other month, I can be quite picky. Although I truly love the idea of having items to surprise me  on my front door step, I worry that I would run the possibility of being disappointed or collecting too many items I wouldn’t have use for. I know that some folks invest in boxes, keep what they want and sell off/gift/giveaway the rest, but I do not know if that is a practical approach for me.

IMG_8683I do miss my Graze snack boxes2. They were great when I was traveling!

I like that there are very nerdy items from smaller businesses and creators available in the crates (or in Japan Crate’s case– imported inexpensively), but I feel like I could make wish lists on Amazon and get a more personalized inventory of items.

Answer me, These Questions Three

  1. Do you currently subscribe to any boxes? What do you do with unwanted items?
  2. Of the three boxes above, which do you think would be the best investment?
  3. When it comes to subscription boxes– do you maintain subscriptions or buy individual boxes after the items have been revealed (if possible)?


  1. The BuluBox review was part of the FitApproach #SweatPink Ambassador program.
  2. I won a free Graze box from a friend’s box contest, and wound up subscribing for a while. I really liked the service, but with food allergies, it was tricky.

2 thoughts on “Nerdy Subscription Boxes

Add yours

  1. The only box I subscribe to is the Collector Corp from Funko! But I’ll be stopping my subscription though when it’s time to renew. As far what I do with stuff I don’t want, I’ll either give it to someone or sell it on Ebay!

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  2. Currently, I subscribe to an art box from an indie artist (The Bee Box) and the Vegan Cuts Makeup box (cruelty free makeup.) They are both quarterly boxes, and I definitely love them! We got Graze box for the longest time, mainly for my partner since he travels a lot for his second job and it was so handy to toss in the healthy snacks. We may sign up again! I’ve tried quite a few different ‘geek’ themed boxes with collectibles, etc, but for the most part I’d much rather pick things out myself. I always found we ended up with too many random things neither one of use were really interested in.

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