YouTube Fantasy Dinner Party

It’s been quite sometime since I’ve given thought to who I would invite to dinner. Ever since the summer, the second half of the year blurred into December. Where did 2016 go?! With the one year anniversary of my establishment of The Lil House of the Nerdy, I thought it was high time to think about who I would ask Santa to invite to my house for a girls’ night in1!

IMG_1858The table is set, please pull up a chair!

Over the summer, I had a blast at GeekyCon, where I really felt the inspiration surge, pushing me to finally launch my own YouTube channel. As a result, I logged plenty of hours searching for YouTube titans. My goal was discover women with channels that were authentic, classy, and entertaining. Like selecting content for my blog, I wanted to find role models, muses, and aesthetics which I truly wish to embrace.  For this edition, I’m pulling up another six seats to the table. Just like the previous edition, I selected three questions for each of them.

Ingrid Nilsen

I discovered this YT powerhouse when I was searching travel tip videos while I still flew. I loved how Ingrid built an entire world from her origins as a beauty blogger. Her lifestyle channel is packed with solid product reviews, famous faces, and genuine mellow vibe. Her coming out video is one of the most empowering ones I’ve ever seen.

I thoroughly enjoy her podcast, Ladies Who Lunch, with her friend, Cat. It’s a great way to ease into the morning and keep my roadrage at bay!

3 Questions:

  1. Which country would be the next one you’d like to cross off your bucket list?
  2. Name one charity or cause you believe deserves more coverage.
  3. What is one hair color you’d really like to try out?

Reina Scully

Reina’s channel cropped up in my recommended viewing queue after I searched vlogs about Japan and Japanese language. I love her ability to explain Japanese in plain language fluidly with an effortless shift between English and Japanese. A significant portion of her channel is fandom-based, but she is very authentic with her presentation (and countless cute flourishes!)

Had YT been in option while I lived in Japan, I would have loved to make a series of videos of my life in Tottori. Her recent Japan series where she highlights Shizuka makes me want to hop a plane back to my second home so badly.

3 Questions:

  1. If you could learn a third language fluently, which one would it be?
  2. Who is someone you admire?
  3. Hands down, favorite Japanese food?

Emma Blackery

I credit WWE’s Xavier Woods x UpUpDownDown for introducing me to tour de force that is Ms. Blackery, courtesy of their collaboration videos when the wrestlers went on tour in England. No sooner did I watch their companion videos, I binged Emma’s videos. She’s funny, talented, and the way she explains makes my friends from the UK so incredibly much. She is the girl I wish I was in my early twenties: confident and expressive.

She makes vlogging look absolutely effortless, and embraces the comments section with incredible finesse and humour. Her music is will sound absolutely fab on the back roads commute home with the volume up and windows down! I’m digging her EP “Sucks To be You” video!

3 Questions:

  1. How did you decide to pursue music?
  2. Dessert of choice.
  3. Best advice for someone trying not to fall down that Comments Section pitfall?

Lilly Signh

There must be a pattern with women who are funny, love wrestling, and have vlogging empires because I cannot get enough of this lady. She is funny, outspoken and exceptionally positive and one of my favorite videos of her is What Canadians Really to Say to Americans. Seeing her meet The Rock for the first time made me feel so relieved to know that I’m not the only one who gets starstruck!

Her new project #GirlLove is empowering women to support one another, and it one of the most amazing initiatives out there. She is a stellar example of a YTer using her talent to give back and pay it forward!

3 Questions: 

  1. Who would you like to guest star in a video with on your channel?
  2. Name one issue you refuse to discuss on YT.
  3. What would you name your personal unicorn?

Amy Scmittauer

A friend suggested that I beef up my confidence by someone with a no-nonsense approach to vlogging. Her videos include concise, honest conversations about building a social media presence, technology suggestions, and how to create worthwhile content without sounding patronizing. She talks openly and enthusiastically about brand development with an air of confidence I would like to achieve. Savvy Sexy Social is her brainchild and the way she integrates her videos into expanding her brand is fantastic.

Amy also explicitly tells her ‘Socials’ that sustaining her independence as a freelancer requires a heap of dedication. Her attitude is refreshing, and I can’t wait to read her book (Vlog Like a Boss: How to Kill It Online with Video Blogging) when it launches on January 31, 2017.

3 Questions: 

  1. What is the one song you sing all the words to?
  2. What is the best piece of advice you ever received?
  3. Best hot beverage you enjoy?

Tenille Dashwood

Widely known as WWE’s first Australian Diva, Emma, launched her own fit cooking show called, Taste of Tenille. She presents simple recipes which are easy to recreate in the kitchen, and occasionally she tag teams with some of her Orlando-area neighbors and colleagues, too! My favorite episode is when she makes gyros  with her fellow Aussie Superstars Cassie (“Peyton Royce”) and Jess (“Billie Kay”).

She gives insight into how wrestlers can enjoy real food and how they substitute certain items with healthier alternatives. It breaks my heart that it was a short-lived series, but I am still holding out hope that one day the channel will revive itself!

3 Questions:

  1. Name a restaurant in Orlando you’d highly recommend.
  2. What is your favorite sandwich?
  3. What do you miss most about Australia?

These young women2 prove that you can be funny, smart, witty, and strong without sacrificing authenticity. They strive to make the internet a fun, but safe space for those to express themselves, and I have the utmost respect for them. I hope that one day I can achieve a memorable channel with worthwhile content.

Answer Me, These Questions Three

  1. Which YouTubers would you like to sit down and break bread with?
  2. When it comes to dinner parties, are themes necessary or a nice bonus?
  3. What should be the theme of my next fantasy dinner party?


  1. …and resuscitate my glorious Nerdiverse! While, I would never turn down an opportunity to actually meet any of these women, this is a dream dinner party.
  2. These ladies are all between 25-31 years old and have worked so incredibly hard to create unique, appealing perspectives.

2 thoughts on “YouTube Fantasy Dinner Party

Add yours

  1. Ohhhh you are doing the same? I’m filming a lot of what I plan to do for my youtube channel right now so it can launch next Jan. I want it to be fun and low stress as possible by only have a video a week. I thought about it and being pregnant and having a 5-year-old at home limits me to how much I can do. I don’t want that stressful schedule I had with blogging which was 3 times a week and I plan on streaming as well. So, if I don’t have any content that week I’ll insert a streaming video. 🙂 That way I always have content and then when the little one gets here..well we’ll cross that bridge when we get there!

    Which YouTubers would you like to sit down and break bread with? Chonunmigooksaram, AKA Megan Bowen. She is an American living in South Korea. She makes videos about the shows she does on Korean TV and her life in Korea. I think she has a lot of fun incites into video making and produces a lot of videos. More than I could possibly do. She is bubbly and fun.
    When it comes to dinner parties, are themes necessary or a nice bonus? I don’t think you need a theme but it’s always fun to have one. As long as there is good food and drinks I’m all for that!!!
    What should be the theme of my next fantasy dinner party? I don’t know but maybe a pastry theme!

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