Decorating the Boss Level Master Suite

I received a surprisingly positive response to my big reveal about my design scheme for my master bedroom: The Boss Level. What surprised me was that no one tried talking me out of doing a classy, wrestling-themed bedroom. I showcased the art of Rob Schamberger, which demonstrated that wrestling can be artistic, and it can be displayed without making a room look like it belongs to a seventh grader. Questions started rolling in about providing more concrete designs with the items I do have, so today I’ll focus on how I am starting to stage my room.

img_7132My very discerning interior designer and True Babyface.

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After the lightning struck, I started unpacking and assembling the few wrestling items I have. Until I start gridding out the walls, I’m gathering my items atop my dresser. I am still planning on refinishing it, but it will have to wait until the temperature drops, so I can be out in the garage all day without it being a giant sweatbox. Some of my favorite items include my autographed photo of Cesaro, my plush WrestleMania 32 bull, my Sting Funko Pop, a tray with the map of the world, and my Maison Laduree macaron box which I purchased on my layover in Zurich, Switzerland.

A very small staging of ‘Bexcellence.’

Shortly after, my second print by Schamberger arrived. I was fortunate enough to obtain print 24/25, preventing ‘Rebuilt’ from becoming another missed opportunity. The colors used in ‘Rebuilt’ really complemented ‘Mark of Bexcellence,’ and side by side, they look fantastic. Without realizing it, they are in the inverse of one another, and I love them both. I have been encouraged to bring them to AXXESS to get them signed, but that will depend on the costs of sessions at the time.

Before I can hang these items, I want to finally get a headboard for my bed. Without one, I worry that I’ll hang the pictures too low, and I’ll wind up smacking my  head on them. With the tray ceiling, I should be able to stack the frames in two rows in addition to the headboard, but I am going to defer to the sharp design eyes of some of my family members. Throughout decorating my house, I am learning so much about myself and how I want to transform my space. It can be frustrating because I have never had a space I could truly call my own.

Zelda is smitten with Seth ‘Rebuilt’.

In order to help decide which print I would like to add to the collection next, I elected to run a week long poll on Twitter. I listed the three prints still available in addition to a write-in option (it is an election year after all). What I didn’t expect was that Rob Schamberger would not only reply to the tweet, but he read my post! It may sound silly, but I was so happy that he took the time out of his schedule to engage with my writing. I love supporting independent businesses and artists, so for someone to sincerely thank me for my sypport truly means a great deal.

Since the artist typically travels the midwest, the only opportunity I may have to have a face-to-face and add to my collection in person will be at WrestleMania in the spring. With the cooler weather finally reaching Orlando, it is time to clean out the garage and start selling off things I no longer need. If I were to purchase the all the pieces I want to complete my preliminary gallery wall (provided nothing new and amazing doesn’t materialize in the intermediary), it’ll cost me $240 for the remaining eight pieces of  art (plus framing).

Dissecting the Decor

I have two WWE programs in which I’ve been collecting autographs. I want to display them, but also keep the pages safe in the more humid months. I bought the WWE program at my first NXT house show two years ago, and the second, the official NXT Program, I won in September. Throughout my house, there are floating shelves which were left by the previous owners; some white, other dark wood. Until I figure out how to store the programs, I would like to at least put them on display.

I still can’t believe I won Fan of the Night!

Now that I have a vision for the room, I’m noticing all the inspiration I have is generating quite a massive laundry list of things to fully complete this room. The previous owners left gorgeous, luxe plum velvet curtains for the windows and the internal doors for the room, along with blackout curtains underneath. Living in Florida, there is so much sunshine to be had, so I would prefer a lighter, airy atmosphere. Plus, I think it will help make the room look bigger. I would like to change the curtain colors, or possibly install a roll shade.

To Do List

  • Invest in a queen-sized headboard/reinforce frame
  • Determine layout for gallery wall over the bed
  • Hang frames (buy additional frames)
  • Install relocated floating shelving from other rooms
  • Select new linens (coverlet/comforter/accent pillows)
  • Photo Collages – pictures with friends and wrestlers

DIY Project Wish List

  • Dresser: strip, refinish, add new hardware
  • Writing Desk: fix, refinish
  • Closet: fix shelving; refinish & re-attach door or buy full-length mirrored door
  • Bathroom: refinish & re-attach door
  • Lighting: switch to more energy efficient dimmer lights; find lamps/sconces

I am fairly certain that I won’t have the room complete by WrestleMania (April 2017), but if I could finish it a year from now, I’ll consider it a massive win for year 37. My Christmas list is a completely short one this year: gift cards (home improvement/crafting), cash for WrestleMania, or a replica title1.

Answer Me, These Questions Three

  1. How do you decide which task to complete when there is so much to do?
  2. Which colors would you pair with navy or cobalt blue?
  3. What is the safest way to sell gently loved, but no longer needed items?


  1. In no particular order: SmackDown Women’s Championship, Women’s World Championship, NXT Women’s Championship and Cruiserweight Championship

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