Wrestling with Interior Design Inspiration

December 11, will mark the one year anniversary of my biggest adult move to date: purchasing my first house. So much has happened in the last year, especially when it comes to making my first house truly feel like my first home. Some rooms organically came together instantly, but unfortunately others have maintained stark walls. Of all the rooms in my house, I have spent the greater part of a year unable to decide what to do about the Boss Level of the Little House of the Nerdy: The Master Suite. I’ve wrestled with Pinterest in a no-holds barred, fight forever matchup since I moved in last year. I grappled with more design schemes than I cared to count, and then it hit me… like a steel chair to the back of the head…

Yes, the walls are metallic silverYes, the Master Bedroom came with silver walls & plum velvet curtains. 

The design challenge for the Boss Level became simple: style the master suite without repainting the entire room while incorporating something nerdy. At the Lil House of the Nerdy, I have spent the last year trying to figure out what the heck I can do with a metallic silver bedroom complete with a chandelier over the bed1. With plenty of geeky mashup prints throughout the house, I wanted a more subtle, artsier atmosphere. Instead of painting the room, I decided to let someone else paint it for me!

Enter the Art of Rob Schamberger.

Rob Schamberger is one of those exceptionally talented folks who truly lives the dream: he paints ‘rasslers’ for a living. I am so proud to own two of his wrestling works of art. The tricky part is that his prints tend to be exceptionally limited runs, and they often run out quite quickly.  In the last year, I’ve only been able to nab two of them, regretfully allowing hesitation to stand in my way. The only RS prints I regret are the ones I didn’t get!

“Mark of Bexcellence” (purchased in May) – It was his homage to the steampunk transformation of Becky Lynch, which she unveiled at NXT Takeover: Unstoppable for her title shot against Sasha Banks. Like me, she lived in Japan for an extended period the same time I did and worked as a flight attendant, too! She is one of my favorite wrestlers of the 2010s, especially with her history with Bayley, Charlotte and Sasha Banks.

“Rebuilt” (purchased in October) – I surprised myself when I selected Seth Rollins as my first purchase out of the available prints for the male superstars. For the longest time, I was very anti-Rollins, but after seeing his  WWE/24 special Redesign. Rebuild. Reclaim. — I finally became a fan.

One of the things I enjoy most about his art is that he does time lapse video of his paintings called “Canvas 2 Canvas.” C2C is the process of how he translates what happens on the mat inside the ring into his own works of art: his process, influences, and even interactions with the wrestlers he’s painting. This is only a fraction of the work he’s completed, but it includes all the pieces featuring my favorite Superstars mentioned below.

The Four Horsewomen

When “Bexcellence” first arrived, she immediately went up on a random nail in my living room, purely because I didn’t know where to hang her.The majority of the walls in my house are painted dark colors, so I opted for white frames. Becky’s Straight Fire didn’t look right framed in white, so I framed her in black which didn’t really match the rest of the room. I spent six months watching wrestling with her, hoping she’d nudge a little Pinspiration my way. Last month, The Irish Lass Kicker won her first WWE Title which lead to a revelation about the design scheme for the one room I had the most trouble designing: my master suite.

Becky’s matches in NXT with her friends and fellow Four Horsewomen have been my favorite women’s matches for the last three years. Becky looked lonely on my wall without her Squad, so I started researching  his works. Over the last year, Schamberger has painted each of the women several times, so selecting my favorite image for each was challenging. Locating available prints was more taxing.

Bayley – Schamberger painted this fantastic celebration of Bayley’s moment at NXT: Brooklyn when she defeated Sasha Banks to become the new NXT Women’s Champion. Personally, that particular match is my all-time favorite of Bayley’s because no one deserved to win it more than her. I have seen this print in pictures of his convention booths, so I am hoping that I will be able to snag one at AXXESS.

Charlotte – For the longest time, this fab print of the Nature Girl was available on the WWE Shop. Of course, I dragged my feet and when I finally went to purchase it, she was long gone! When The Queen was in NXT, I loved her as a Champ because she made a great Face (good gal). These days, she’s playing a Heel, but I still love her insane athleticism.

Sasha Banks – There have been several releases for the Legit Boss, and I have missed all of them. She’s sassy and when I met her, we had a fangirl moment over Sailor Moon! I love her versatility and her uncanny ability to make the crowd love her regardless of her alignment. Her outfits are always impeccably accessorized, but they look best with championship gold around her waist.

I also adore this art nouveau-inspired “Boss & Hug Connection” duo with Bayley, but it sold out quickly! There is a t-shirt available which may need to craft into something.

Showstopping Superstars

Originally, I want to hang some Schamberger pieces in my office at work, but I would have had to play “Pin the Shirts of the Rasslers,” which would have detracted from their awesome presentation! After receiving “Rebuilt” I knew I wanted to give the men fair representation on the Wall of Honor. In my initial grouping, I am picked three of my favorite male superstars– all of which have toured the world and each have very different styles. These gents are all current or previous champions, and are without a doubt the guys I cheer loudest for!

Cesaro – When I met Cesaro in May, you could have knocked me over with a feather. He was poised, humble, and so funny. I was so star struck, but he was a complete gentlemen. If I do purchase Rob’s rendering of the Swiss Superman, I am going to have to relocate my autographed photo from my bedside table. International” print is still available. 

Sami Zayn – The Underdog of the Underground completely stole my heart during NXT house shows, and continued to do so as he’s advanced up the roster. He’s one of my absolute favorites! At a house show once, my inner monologue made its way out during a match of his, and he may have overheard it and agreed. Underdog” print is still available.

T.J. Perkins – I adored the exceptionally limited release for the new Cruiserweight Champion, but only ten numbered prints were released! Seeing him live alongside the incredibly talented gentlemen competing in the CWC as well as lighting up arena on the Raw roster makes me heart so happy. I am praying that the next time he’s on WWE TV, the cameras did not catch my fan girl moment. “Dabbing Paint” print is sold out.

Additional Pieces

I certainly I do not want to wait until after I collect the above prints because with my luck, these ones will also vanish. Most of the print releases are 11″x14″ and I intend of making a gallery wall with them2. I do have a second completely blank wall, so I could easily carry the images across two walls, and into the bathroom (yes, it is also silver)!

Asuka – I lost my mind when NXT signed their first Japanese female talent, especially with The Empress of Tomorrow’s penchant for flowing kimono, stylized Noh masks, and enough animal print to make Cruella DeVil jealous. She is helping to blaze a new trial in the next chapter of NXT as it’s current champion. Locked Gaze” print is still available.

Shinsuke Nakamura – For me, it took a little while to truly absorb and appreciate the excentricities and showmanship of The King of Strong Style. As Nakamura’s popularity continues to soar, the ability to nab anything limited edition is growing increasingly difficult. The print is long gone, but the t-shirt available.

Lita – The retired highflying Hall of Famer was one of my first wrestling related cosplays when I was in college. I also attended my first WWE PPV in Tampa dressed as her at the tender age of 19. This painting is over two years old, but still one of my long time favorites! I would love to get the print, unless someone has an extra $500 laying about and want’s to gift me the original 22″x 30″ watercolor. It’s still available in his shop

Sadly, I was quite late to the Schamberger party, missing out on countless opportunities to collect his work. However, with WrestleMania coming to Orlando next year, I have the five months to shake down my piggy bank, so I can work on achieving my design intention3.

Answer Me, These Questions Three

  1. Which print should I invest in next?
  2. What other accents or decorations should I consider?
  3. Should I bring the prints I have to WWE AXXESS during WrestleMania to have them signed?


  1. Let it be known that these were design choices by the previous owners, and over the course of a year, they have grown on me. The running joke is that I should just get a Smashing Pumpkins’ ZERO poster and call it a day.
  2. My preferred frame of choice is the Studio Belmont frame from Michael’s. I like to stock up when they go on sale! I already need a minimum of eight more in black.
  3. This is not a paid endorsement for Mr. Schamberger. I am merely an exceptionally inspired fan ready to curate a tasteful collection where I can nap like a champ.

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