Star Trek x MAC Makeup Launch Experience

In the spring, Star Trek announced the launch of the commemorative edition makeup line with MAC Cosmetics in honor of its fiftieth anniversary for release during San Diego Comic Con. Since then, I have patiently awaited its arrival in stores like a child waiting for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. I reeled at the photos from SDCC in July, and last month, I finally made it to the theater to see the third installment, Star Trek Beyond. A friend recommended this event at a mall across town, but I gladly made the trek –if you will– in the name of nerdy fashion!

img_0452Proudly Celebrating 50 Years of Star Trek!

MAC x Star Trek Makeup Experience

I am a newcomer to the Star Trek universe, and I am unapologetic about my limited knowledge of the greatest space operas in the universe. This week, Star Trek celebrated it’s fiftieth anniversary of airing of the first episode the day after my birthday! Although, I am familiar with the original series and it’s actors, I have only seen a handful of episodes. My indoctrination into the Trekkie ranks truly started with the reboot movies by J.J. Abrahams. I am so thankful Mia shares my enthusiasm for makeup and geeky things! As we entered the mall from the food court, we were able to ride the escalator down I felt like being transported into another world. The lower level rotunda was packed with eager fans of MAC and Star Trek as well as plenty of observers with their interests piqued. I’m so glad I made an appointment for Mia and I because there were so many people!

img_0407Permission to come aboard!

“Captain on the Bridge” Everyday Cosplay

  • Cardigan (Chartreuse) – LOFT by Ann Taylor
  • Skirt – DIY Enterprise Skirt
  • Tank Top (Moon of My Life) by JordanDene
  • Gold knit low-top sneakers – Converse
  • Viva Diva Headband (Gunmetal, 1″ thickness) – SweatyBands
  • Star Trek Insignia Pin (Command) – ThinkGeek

When I sat down in Brittani’s chair, I had absolutely no plan as to which look I wanted to try. If I am going to go so far as to casual cosplay a Starfleet captain, I needed a commanding look to match the outfit. Unsure of where to start, I gave her the makeup artist’s “Make it so!”carte blanche: “I trust you to use your creativity.” I arrived with a simply base and a neutral eye which she built upon with metal gray and black.

img_0453-1Brittani made me look outta this world!!

My finished look pulled elements from the Deanna Troi and Seven of Nine makeup styles. I never thought I would wear a bold berry lip or a metallic smokey-eye let alone both at the same time! I think the biggest challenge for me would to task myself with practicing these styles. For daily wear, I tend to default to simple, made under look, but I think it is largely in part to my limited skills with makeup. I watched Brittani work her magic, but I got utterly lost as she used my face as a canvas! I tried making mental notes as she applied the makeup and switched tools, but I mainly grinned into the mirror like a child getting their first makeover!

65ea5dd1-0384-4b63-9939-7cafda7089ba-1Set Phasers to STUNNING: Side by Side Comparison!

While the makeovers were going on, MAC also coordinated some models to showcase several of the looks including Lt. Nyota Uhura, a dancing Vina, a stunning 7 of 9, and one of the hottest Spocks I’ve ever seen! The makeup artists let us take a short break to take in the stage show on the opposite side of the rotunda. It was designed to look like the Transporter Room of the Enterprise. From the set design, it had the retro look of a time long past in the future a la the Original Star Trek TV series.

Stellar In-Store Shopping Experience

After our time in the makeup chair, the artists we kind enough to provide us with a checklist of all the products used to customize our Star Trek-inspired looks. The product selection reminds me of the beautiful photos you see from the Hubble Space Telescope of the different nebulae. When it comes to shimmer, glitter, and metallics in makeup, I am very conservative with it, so wearing them brightly and boldly amped up my confidence a bit!

img_0454Testing out more products afterward in the MAC Store!

Exercising exceptional restraint, I purchased two items: a rose gold lipstick in LLAP (Live Long and Prosper) and Trip the Light Fantastic Powder in Luna Luster. I really loved the Haute & Naughty Too Black Lash Mascara1 and Superslick Eyeliner in On The Hunt (True Black), but I was kind to my wallet and stuck to my budget. What made it even more difficult was having the “I still regret not buying…” conversation with some of the shoppers because it made me want to buy everything to avoid missing out or having non-buyer’s remorse.

img_0460Designed around some of the most iconic women in Star Trek history!

The most difficult thing about MAC special editions is they sell out extremely fast. I sneezed and missed their Wonder Woman, and had to fight tooth and nail to nab the Betty eyeshadow palette from the Archie series. Although Star Wars dominates my nerd closet, I am more motivated than ever to add more Star Trek to my  wardrobe. This fun afternoon with my friend inspired me to venture to become bolder with my makeup choices which left me feeling surprisingly more confident!

 Check out each look from MAC! Uhura, Vina, Seven of Nine & Deanna Troi

Answer Me, These Questions Three

  1. Which of the four MAC x Star Trek looks do you like best?
  2. How do you determine which trends you want to incorporate into your own personal style?
  3. Do you have a favorite Star Trek episode, film or character?



  1. Personally, MAC’s splashproof/waterproof in “Blacksplash” was my all-time favorite for years, especially when wearing contact lenses or working long hours. (Unfortunately, it seems to be discontinued, unless I am looking in the wrong place. If I’m wrong, please let me know where I can find it!)

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  1. I too am later to the Star Trek universe. Loved your smokey eye though -gorgeous -not that you weren’t gorgeous before of course 😉 For me -I can’t pull off heavy/dark lip colors like that. Very rich and pretty shade though.


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