Virtual Coffee Date at Luke’s Diner

Ah, Adulting. That quintessential requirement that you buck up and do you job, and not do frivolous, fun things like line up in the dark outside a coffee shop for a free 12-ounce coffee for several hours in honor of the original premiere date. I was at work…


“Everything in my life has something to do with coffee. I believe in a former life. I was coffee.” ~ Lorelai Gilmore

img_1304Liz1 shared her trip to Luke’s with me this morning!

In Orlando, two locations were selected to host: The Coffee Garden Coffee & Floral Brewtique and Holy Grain Coffee. As neither shop was en route to my office, and the pop-up shops were scheduled from 7AM-noon, I wistfully lived vicariously through my friends who were able to rise early, line up, and not miss work. One of my best nerd gals, Liz over at Nerd in the City, texted me photos of her real life Luke’s Diner experience, so we had a virtual coffee date. This this happened…


As it turns out, Scott Patterson, took up the flannel mantle of Luke Danes once again in honor of this auspicious occasion and served coffees at Comoncy Beverly Hills this morning! (Who knew Mr. Danes could be so fancy!)

…and here I am being a good workerbee… but here’s how I had my own virtual pilgrimage to Luke’s Diner today!

Faking a Visit to Luke’s (Because You’re ‘Being Responsible’)

I learned of the Luke’s Diner pop-up shops literally the day before it was slated to happen. Yes, even in this advanced technology age, this one slipped through my fingers. In preparation for late November, the Town of Stars Hollow has relaunched their website (apparently Kirk misplaced the password back in 2007)! I perused their site this morning as I sipped and pretended I had that sweet table right by the windows, overlook the town square.


  1. Use an internet search for high resolution photos of the interior and exterior of Luke’s Diner in Stars Hollow, bonus points if you can find one with Luke behind the bar, serving coffee, or taking an order at the table.
  2. Whip up a plain cup of coffee. No fancy PSLs or soy or sprinkles or whip. An old-fashioned, diner coffee with those optional, simple coffee staples: milk (or non-dairy creamer) and/or sugar or alternative sweetener).
    • If you always pack your own fancy additives, go for it!
  3. Drink coffee in a hefty ceramic mug. Again, because you’re probably at work and being eco-friendly in addition to being responsible
  4. Queue up the Gilmore Girls theme song: “Where You Lead” (duet version) by Carole King and Louise Groffen
    • Sing-a-long ONLY if it won’t disturb your neighbors. Office Karaoke only works if everyone is on board!
    • Alternately, queue up any diner scene with Luke from the series, if possible.
  5. Sit back, sip, and daydream you are there.

“Life’s short. Talk Fast.”

No time to plow through all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls before the mini-series release on November 25th?  Netflix has you covered with spoilerific 60 second recaps narrated by Kirk, Stars Hollow’s resident know-it-all!!

Seven 60 second recaps of Seasons 1-7!

You do have over a month before A Year in the Life is released, so the really ambitious (or those waiting out Hurricane Matthew) have plenty of time to watch from start to finish! As I write this, I’m realizing I may just spend the next four Hurricane days in pajaminated, drinking coffee, and bingeing Gilmore Girls.

Get Ready for the return to Stars Hollow 

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life will be released on Netflix on November 25th, so if you’re dodging the Black Friday melee like I am, let’s Tweet up in Stars Hollow over virtual cups of coffee. I’ll be the lady in flannel with the baseball cap on backwards making pancakes with my dog.

Answer Me, These Questions Three

  1. Have you watched Gilmore Girls before?
  2. Which character(s) are you most excited to see return to Stars Hollow?
  3. Let me know if you’re interested in joining me for a Virtual Coffee Twitter Party at Luke’s Diner on 11/25.

Gilmore Girls Set 1VIP Backlot Tour of Stars Hollow (credit: Noelle & Mike via Flikr Creative Commons)


  1. Liz has granted me permission to use her lovely photos, so go check out her page because she’s one of my best nerd gal pals!

2 thoughts on “Virtual Coffee Date at Luke’s Diner

Add yours

  1. A) I didn’t get to go either. The closest one was like an hour and a half way. Bummer.
    B) Today a co-worker brought in their brand new baby: LORELEI! Andddd my other co-worker has a 8 month old baby named Rory. I clued them both into this and they pretty much had no clue why I was so excited. LOL.
    C) I’m excited to see them allllll!


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