My ThinkGeek Story

Only two more nights of geeky dreams until the grand opening of the second ThinkGeek store here in  Orlando! I’m trying to contain my excitement, but the Waterford Lakes IRL gang is posting photos on Instagram and it’s only adding fuel to the fire! I am so excited that the wait is almost because this anticipation is killing me. I have this feeling that I will drop to knees and kiss the ground or roll around on the carpet like a cat on catnip. I’ll do my best not to make a complete fool of myself as I geek out with my local geek fam!

IMG_4762The morning after I closed on my first house, I powered up on the front porch!

“Everybody has a Geek Story”

I’m a self-proclaimed Renaissance Geek with a thirty year career starting in the 1980s with Saturday Morning Cartoons and pajama slumber parties involving iconic fantasy films like Labyrinth, The Princess Bride, Legend, and The Dark Crystal. By the time I was ten, I loved Nintendo and in my freshman year of high school, I discovered Sailor Moon and anime. My  Geek Origins Story gained momentum as I entered college, but it wasn’t until my twenties that I really started to embrace the things I loved. Accepting my geekiness allowed me to unlock many of my proudest achievements: studying in Rome, Italy, working in Japan, learning about blogging and podcasting, working for one of the most competitive airlines in the US, and setting down roots in Orlando with buying my first home.

Talking about what ThinkGeek meant to me as a fan and lifelong geek, made me realize that while I do have only a handful of ThinkGeek merchandise, it has been one of my favorite brands in the Realms of Geeky and Nerdy. As I recounted my customer service experience with Steve, I was inspired to see how passionate the IRL team is about implementing customer suggestions to level up their brand! To prove my adoration of TG, I showed Steve how my friends helped me highlight my achievement of making the #GeekFamous gallery on the TG front page. The photo below was from around the holidays because of all the nifty holiday sweaters being advertized!

Nearly a year later, my photo is on the front page #GeekFamous Gallery!

When I posted the screenshot of my photo in the gallery, my friends informed me that I need to properly indicate where the photo was located in said gallery. This would be my teeny tiny ThinkGeek brag because the photo is still up there (including the spelling error in the caption). I’m not sad that I didn’t win the of the month photo contest, because the winner was a guy with the Captain America shield backpack on a motorcycle. I just had an empty mug and a selfie stick in my old apartment. Still trying to figure out which item I should select for my next customer action shot!

Hot off the ThinkGeek Presses

Just in time for the countdown to the grand opening, some more flashy and official adverts from the ThinkGeekIRL Team! There will my magic, mayhem, and a highly coveted prize on the line! Let me know in the comments if you plan on going, Geeklings, because I would love to see you there!

I am having a tough time trying to put together an outfit for the grand opening because I am trying to find the right ensemble to wear. I have to keep in mind that Orlando: The Sequel is located at an open air shopping center and it’s Florida in August weather, so the selecting clothes that are geeky but will survive the sunshine are essential. I’ll be bringing my Bag of Holding packed with goodies and entertainment as I am certain there will be a time to kill while in line.

My tiny Funko army shall have some new recruits comes Friday!!

Stay tuned to see several ways I work my Bag of Holding, as it’s my go-to carry all for all of my epic life quests! There is a Golden Timmy on the line for the first person through the door, so I might be making an early morning!

Answer Me, These Questions Three

  1. Do you have a Geek Origins Story?
  2. What makes you Geek Out?
  3. With the day off, how should I spend my day geeking out after visiting the grand opening?

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