ThinkGeekIRL – One Year Later

ThinkGeek opened their first brick and mortar store nearly a year ago, right here in Orlando, and  I was gutted that I missed the grand opening. While I made it into the store during it’s opening weekend, I promised myself that if there was a snowball’s chance to attend a ThinkGeek opening that I would be there. I just about fell over when I saw the Coming Soon sign in my favorite neighborhood shopping center! I never thought there would be the possibility of geeking1 out without making the crosstown campaign to the Florida Mall! Then something magical happened, Timmy the Monkey and his team gave Orlando it’s blessing for it’s second location!

IMG_9631I actually geeked out seeing this sign in my favorite shopping center!

Shortly after posting my photo of the shop window teaser , I received a message from Steve Wilson. If you remember, Dear Geeklings, he was the ThinkGeekIRL GM who called me less than 24 hours after I sent my customer concern and compliments to the ThinkGeekIRL email box. With the opening less than two weeks away, Steve offered to sit down with me and discuss how much the IRL brand has grown in the last year. Hold onto your geeky pajama bottoms, Friends, because ThinkGeek is growing quickly, but they’re making sure the Gardens of Geekvana are properly tended.

By the one year anniversary of the first IRL store, ThinkGeek will have 12 stores open nationwide with plans to more than double it to 26 by Black Friday of THIS YEAR! The goal is to build steadily, curating incredible customer service teams with passionate associates and management determined to create a welcoming experience for everyone, from the Renaissance geeks and hardcore fans to those testing the waters and experiencing geeking out for the first time. Seattle, Boston, Tulsa, Upstate NY, Raleigh, and Georgia… get your Remembralls ready because you’re about to get way geekier!

As Steve and I talked, I mentioned my personal trepidation about the partnership with ThinkGeek and GameStop. As someone who was a geeky college coed when the brand launched online in 1999, what I adored about the brand was that it was not just for geeks by geeks with it’s only subculture. To me, ThinkGeek always felt like a treehouse club with an open invitation for anyone looking to express their geeky desires. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I didn’t want ThinkGeek to get too big and be in every mall across the country. After seventeen years, the ThinkGeek brand and parts of geek culture on the whole are considered mainstream, but it is their mission not to sacrifice any authenticity.

Achievement Unlocked: The Orlando Sequel

With ThinkGeek’s drive to expand their IRL shop front brand without sacrificing it’s small business feel, Orlando will be the first city to have two shops in the same city. Full disclosure, I am over the moon that Orlando Part II: The Sequel is in my backyard. There is the rumor that the goal of this particular location will be “the Empire Strikes Back of ThinkGeek.” Who’s down for geeking out with me and finding out!?

Quick and Nerdy Geeky Details!

  • Date/Time: Friday, August 19, 2016 at 10AM
  • Location: ThinkGeek Waterford Lakes
    • 673 N. Alafaya Trail, Orlando, FL 32828
    • Waterford Lakes Town Center (on left when facing the movie theatre)
  • What’s Going On?
    • Prize Raffles during Grand Opening Event!
    • First 1,000 Guests Receive a FREE Limited Edition ThinkGeek Pin
    • Local Cosplayers & Cosplay Welcome (*Please don’t cause a panic in the rest of the mall – all masks and props are to only be used in the store.)
    • A completely geeky shopping experience!
    • FREE Exclusive ThinkGeek Patch with in-store Bag of Holding Purchase!

Check out their grand opening video and get psyched!

The video is from the grand opening at the Florida Mall, but it doesn’t mean I am any less excited! Orlando: The Sequel is an open air shopping center, so bring your sunscreen, parasol, and hydration if you are queueing up outside!

Answer Me, These Questions Three

  1. Have you ever attended the grand opening of a store or venue?
  2. Are you familiar with ThinkGeek and their products?
  3. How do you Geek Out IRL (In Real Life)?


  1. In honor of ThinkGeek, “geek” will replace “nerd” throughout related posts.
  2. This is not a paid endorsement or sponsored post by ThinkGeek. I am not currently part of their affiliate program, and I do not work for them.

Bonus Stage: Unlocking Natural 20s

One of my first purchases from the flagship store last September was the Critical Hit D20 Ice Mold.  When it comes to my whiskey, I can’t pass up a nice chunk of ice in my glass. The tricky thing about Florida living is that many drinks can should be consumed over ice. This ice mold is the perfect size for a rocks glass. I have yet to master the perfect d20 ice mold. If anyone have tips or tricks of getting it out of the silicon mold, I would be much obliged! (…and if anyone has some imported Jameson they’d like to share, I’d also be quite indebted).

Remember to drink responsibly, especially when rolling for initiative!

5 thoughts on “ThinkGeekIRL – One Year Later

Add yours

  1. I did go opening weekend to our store, but not to the grand opening. I’m hoping I can make it up there with you on Friday 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is so great! I’ve never attended a store opening though I LOVE ThinkGeek! I’ve been shopping their site for so many years – it’s so great that they’re expanding while still keeping their core values intact.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am so incredibly jealous. I wish so much that we could have a Think Geel IRL store here… but nothing that cool will ever come to Charleston. 😦

    Also, I have that ice mold. It’s cool (sorry for the pun) but I struggle to get the ice out every time. I kind of hate using it. We also have a Death Star ice mold that works fabulously for a whisky ice ball. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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