Friday Five: Nerding Out at GeekyCon

At the top of the month, my pal Liz was featured on Real Geek Girls. When I tweeted about it, several people followed up with me asking why I don’t have a YouTube Channel. With developing my brand, YT wasn’t a platform I was ready to explore. As I prepared for GeekyCon, I noticed that many of the guests have solid fan bases from their digital projects, so in keeping with my action plan for the convention, I want to take notes from the pros!

Won’t stop watching this! I want that Sherlock Dress!

Q1: Name drop the perfect combination of what your personal dream channel?

A:  At GeekyCon, Jackie Emerson (She’s So Boss), Tessa Netting (Geek With Me), Sinead Persaud (Shipwrecked Comedy) as well as the Pemberly Digital team would make my ideal channel. The ideal combination of funny and empowering and educating others on the importance of self acceptance, embracing passions, and engaging in meaningful conversations about things I love.

Serving up healthy doses of nerdy conversations and plentiful libations!

Other muses include Ingrid NilsenLilly SinghFelicia DayGrace Helbig, Jenna Marbles and pretty much all the other folks mentioned here. If I can draw elements from what I love about their channels and weave it into a snuggly, nerdy quilt that is my own and big enough to share with others, I will have achieved my goal.

Q2: Who are your favorite YT Chefs or cooking channels?

A: While I love a good Kitchen Experiment, my preference in the kitchen is finding recipes that I can reproduce without investing in appliances or tools for which I have no storage space, expensive ingredients which are difficult to locate, or pretty much anything that could transform into a Pinterest Fail.

aillis201511011801277Cosplay Casserole as Carol Peletier during The Walking Dead Finale!

Rosanna Pansino of Nerdy Nummies – I discovered Rosana after chasing up cookbooks at the local library, and happened upon The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook. I adored all her cutesy nerdy recipe designs, but at the time I was working on studying up on Paleo eating, so I had to put it back. It’s on the wish list!

Michelle Tam of Nom Nom Paleo – The cookbook I picked up to jump start my journey back into wholesome, healthy eating. I went paleo for a month and absolutely loved how I looked and felt, meaning it’s high time to get back that clean eating train! Some of her recipes are more advanced, but I love that her channel has videos explaining the basics.

Hannah Hart of My Drunk Kitchen – One of my lifetime goals would be to team up with Hannah on an episode of MDK. After the roaring success of her channel and her cookbook, It was just announced that Harto  is going Hollywood with Food Network!

Mamrie Hart of You Deserve a Drink – I love that she’s a comedian who drinks with her friends. She’s punny, punchy, and enjoys sharing drinks with her friends.How am I not her friend?!

Note to self: get all the cookbooks. Nourish that geeky soul in addition to your body!

Q3: Do you have any nerdy friends with YT Channels?

A: I do, and I am certain that when the time comes, I will be picking their brains for tips, tricks, and collaborations. As a lifelong nerd transitioning from “fangirl” to “fanwoman,” these women have been sources of inspiration, emotional support, and guidance in my running my nerd flag up the pole for all to see! One day, I will write my nerdy friendship memoir (working title: “…and These are My Friends…”), and each one of these ladies will have a special mention.

Nerd in the City – My girl Liz is a multiclass bard when it comes to YT. She acts, sings, and has solid nerdy cred. For those who love The Lizzie Bennett Diaries, check out her series, So… This Happened. After our months of tweet chats and instagram commentary, we shared wondrous shenanigans at MegaCon together, and she is a true friend.

From Girlie to Nerdy – You’ve seen Danielle all over KNO, so it would only be natural that her channel would be one of the ones I’d draw inspiration from! What I love about her channel is that her perspective is someone who is learning to embrace fandom as an adult which can be daunting, but equally liberating.

MegaCon 2016 BarowmanBarrowman hugs are legit magical!

Melissa Creates – This girl is one of my greatest cheerleaders when it came to my soul searching and development of Karen Nerds Out. She’s shared her advice on social media development with me at Blog Fete and is one of my favorite geek chic creatives! She’s a wonderful hostess, and I’m proud to say that I’m part of her Outlander book club!

Sarah Hearts – It kills me that Sarah took all her DIY magic to the west coast! I attended several of her local Meet + Make events (girls night out with crafting, nibbles and beverages), and then had the chance to pick her brain at The Dinner Party Project: Blogger Edition. She inspires me to make nerdy touches for my home.

IMG_1870One of my multiple mugs by Melissa and one of my crafts with Sarah!

The Fangirl Diaries – Danielle is responsible for introducing me to Meli, and we became social media acquaintances after the epic photo Danielle, Liz, Jess and I took with John Barrowman. She hails from south Florida (where I grew up), and had a fabulous geek chic fashion blog and is preparing to launch her own clothing brand Geek Girl Gang in August!

Your Friend Elle – Seriously, this chick makes me want to pack up the dog and move to California! Like Liz, she is oh-so-talented and working toward building a happier and healthier Nerdvana! She’s the brains behind The Nerd Out App, which is helping nerds around the world discover local businesses and events in their areas. (Download the app, it’s free and fan-driven!)

Zelda will most likely steal the show, but I won’t be mad at her.

The Nerd Mom – I met Jacqueline, AKA The Nerd Mom, while sitting in the gatehouse at the Salt Lake City airport in 2012. As we waited for our flights, we started talking and she mentioned that she ran a blog, Geek 4 The Real Girl. At the time, I was just getting back into blogging as I traveled for work, so we exchanged information. She may not know it, but that one conversation with her was one of the trigger pulls to get writing again.

Q4: Have you participated in any YouTube Challenges?

A: When I attended the American Library Association Annual Conference in June, I plucked up my courage to participate in their Banned & Challenged Books Virtual Read-Out video project. I do not know if they will use my footage, but it was exciting to get a taste of what would be possible if I were to start a YT channel or if I had actually stuck with the Telecomm track when I was in undergrad.

I like banned books and I cannot lie!

In an attempt to conquer the fear Pennywise the Clown lorded over my childhood, I read the opening pages of Stephen King’s IT. I love me some Tim Curry, but his portrayal of the evil clown basically destroyed Ronald McDonald, Krusty the Klown, and a significant part of the Ringling Bros. Circus. No, I still haven’t read the book in it’s entirety or watched the movie, largely in part to having a storm drain steps from my front porch. I don’t want to even think about hearing “we all float down here…” while walking the dog.

Q5: What content do you think your channel would have?

A: With massive outlets1 like Geek and Sundry, HelloGiggles, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, Nerdist, and The Nerd Machine,  as well as countless others with their pulse on the evolution of fan culture, I would like to offer up my perspective as a nearly-late-thirty something woman in the scope of fandom. My only hesitation is that I don’t formally cosplay, my gaming consoles aren’t current, and I tend to be more of a frugal nerd. I would love to tackle four general themes, but I am open to suggestions as well!

img_8341End Game: Treating myself to a happier, healthier, nerdier world!

Let’s Nerd Out – I have many wonderful friends along the Geek-Nerd spectrum along with a wide range of interests. This could my personal selection of things I nerd out over, but also a discussion of popular trends and upcoming events.

Good Libations – In the spirit of My Drunk Kitchen and You Deserve a Drink, I would like to have adult beverage pairings and nerdy discussions. This would include discussions of TV/film, books, sports, games, and just about anything else with my friends.

Local Love – One of the things I miss about flying is exploring new cities or revisiting and diving deep into my favorite spots. For now, the focus may be on Orlando, but I would not be opposed to taking this show on the road! On a recent trip to the Cloak & Blaster, there were some guys taping their show there. How awesome would that be?!

Lil House of the Nerdy – Back in December, I bought my first house, so this would be the potential DIY Network/HGTV. The wonderful couple at Our Nerd Home inspired me to work toward cultivating geek chic approach to my nerdy homestead. The first project is a toss up between my darker than the Dwarven kingdom of Erebor Kitchen or the overhaul of the most offensive room in my house: the Lannister Office (complete with FSU gold and crimson paint).

Saturday,  I will see what knowledge I can glean from all the pros and amateurs in attendance. If you’re at GeekyCon and you have tips and tricks, by all means let me know! I am going to need some guidance and advice, but my only request is that it is kept constructive and positive.

Answer Me, These Questions Three

  1. What essential topics of conversation should one include when devising a personal vlogging channel?
  2. What must have equipment items should one have to create video content as a beginner?
  3. Kitchen or Office: Which paint scheme needs to go!?

Agent Carter supervises Thought Adjustment Hour in the kitchen.


  1. If anyone would like to collaborate on a project big or small, let’s talk! If our interests align we should nerd out together!

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  1. LOVE THIS post!!! I am so excited to see your new ventures and thankle you so much for that amazing shout out!!! 😉 geeky, Orlando chicks RULE!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 1. What essential topics of conversation should one include when devising a personal vlogging channel? I think it should first involve whatever you’re most interested in. Cause if you’re not interested, the audience won’t be either. I hate that we have to sometimes bend to trending topics, but make sure to pick topics you like.

    2. What must have equipment items should one have to create video content as a beginner? Always have great lighting and a good camera. Nothing worse than dark and grainy footage. I recorded some of mine on an old point and shoot that had video. Worked out fine as long as I had good light.

    3. Kitchen or Office: Which paint scheme needs to go!? Depends on your topic I think, but I’ve been thinking of using my living room since it’s got a bunch of nerd stuff in it already. I’d check out what other bloggers use as backgrounds, I usually like the ones that make the room look like they have depth.

    And thanks for the shoutout!!!!

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