Green with Envy: Six on Six

Earlier this week, I tackled this month’s celebration of the color brown. As I previously mentioned, May is one of the hardest months in the day job world. I feel as if I blinked and missed it entirely! I had such fun putting together these items, and I am thankful that I was encouraged to turn back the clocks and knock out the six-on-six for May. Just a quick skip into the time machine, and now it’s time to enjoy May all over again.

IMG_1005A year ago, green started making a strong comeback in my world! (May 4, 2015)

One: “You’ve got to be you”

The Little Mermaid is one of my absolute favorite Disney princesses, so when Sephora released their collaboration years before Disney would launch their own makeup line, I snapped up two key pieces from the Ariel line. One was the the twenty color eye-shadow palette, and the other was this beautiful “Set the Mood” compact mirror. Inspired by the famed “Kiss the Girl” sequence in the lagoon, the gradient shades of green take me back to the famed grotto where Prince Eric *almost* broke the curse. I would love to add the original compacts for Jasmine’s “The Palace Jewel” & Cinderella’s “Stroke of Midnight” to my collection, too!

Moonlit pools, curtains of willow, and fishy serenade to Set the Mood!

Two: Burdened with Glorious Purpose

A few months back, I discovered the fabulously geek chic and comfortable tank tops by Jordan Dene Clothing! After purchasing my Kingsman tank, I budgeted for my next investment involving one of Loki’s more famous quotes. Honestly, Loki isn’t my favorite Marvel character, but the words helped me get through a rough patch because sometimes being an adult isn’t fun.

Zelda loves snuggles on soft fabrics!

Three: Soarin’ My Way Home

When I was flying, going to WDW on my days off served as my means of clearing my head. These days, visiting my parents’ home near the beach offers me complete clarity and serenity. One of our rituals are cups of coffee as the house rouses. At EPCOT, Soarin’ is preparing for an update, but I adored this bygone era aviator Mickey coffee mug. Growing up in an aviation family, my wanderlust in deeply ingrained. I do not travel much these days, but every time I have a cup of coffee in this mug, I daydream of where I may jaunt to next.

My morning coffee standard at my parents’ house!

Four: Running on Atlantica Time

Depending on the lighting, the water on this watch can look green or blue. I found this watch at Hot Topic and impulse bought it a few years back. The problem is that I never had it resized. I love the image and the larger watch face, but it is flashier than what I tend to wear.

I need to get the band resized, too many links.

Five: The Hood Unmasked

I came across the Savior of Star City while making the usual rounds around town. I’ve wanted a Green Arrow for my collection, but hardest part was picking the right one. I happened upon this limited edition at Gods & Monsters, and could not pass him up. This guy was a special Summer Convention release from last summer, and it made up for my missing out on convention season last summer.

I still need to find this guy his Felicity!

Six: Whiskey Business

On my first layover in Dublin, I paid my first visit to the Jameson Distillery. When it comes to whiskey, Jameson has always been my beverage of choice. On each subsequent Dublin layover, I purchased bottles of Jameson, but this collector’s bottle is my absolute favorite. Now that it is empty, I refill it when I can, so I can enjoy it over a d20 rock in a retro glass. 

How a nerdy gains critical hit during Thought Adjustment Hour.

Answer Me, These Questions Three

  1. When picking your favorite things, how do you determine it’s worth?
  2. What do you do when something you love is used up, ill-fitting or broken?
  3. Is it better to keep possessions trendy and exclusive or maintain items of sentimental value?

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