Friday 5: Summer Convention Season

Until GeekyCon rolls around at the end of July, I promise this will be the last convention related post for a few weeks! I had such a blast at MegaCon, and even though my feet are still a little mad at me, my brain is working overtime trying to process of the fun that was had by myself and with friends! Many years have passed since I’ve had to contend with a “convention hangover,” but I am so glad I did it! I cannot thank Danielle, Jess, & Liz enough for making the weekend so fantastic!

I might have been over prepared, but I didn’t care!

Q1: Did you feel adequately prepared for your first time back after an exceptionally long hiatus?

I did not go in with the “it’s just like riding a bicycle” mentality because the more I read about how large MC grew in my absense, intimidation definitely crept into my heart.  I might have overprepared in some senses, but I was underprepared in others. Documenting my journey back into the melee was really fun!

So many unique, independent merchants made for an amazing shopping experience!

Q2: Now that MegaCon is finished, are you planning on attend other conventions this summer?

With the Puppy, it is easier to day trip to conventions in the area, so I definitely reached out to GeekyCon which will also be held at the Orange County Convention Center come July. I really want to hit up the Tampa Bay Comic Convention and MegaCon Tampa Bay, but I am going to have to find a reliable dog sitter for Zelda because I do not think I am ready to board her just yet.

Slaying the Nerdy Squad Goals! I can’t wait to see these gals again!

Q3: How did you feel finally venturing into a convention is Cosplay?

Prior to leaving for Japan in 2003, I wanted to learn how to create costumes and participate in Cosplay. I didn’t want to compete in the contests, but in the atmosphere. In recent years, I have been more of a everyday/casual cosplayer with graphic shirts, printed materials, and subtly nerdy accents. I don’t want to have a storage unit full of costumes and wigs, but I would like to develp a couple of proper costumes to wear at events. On the MC Sunday, I pulled my yukata out of storage and got dolled up. I went for big hair, dramatic eye makeup, and all the accessories I could possibly need from my collection from Japan.

MegaCon - The Porject A Cosplay Portrait StudentIf you have the time check out The Project – A CosPlay Portrait Study!

Without a lavish, intricate costume, I was able to navigate the con and work on my comfort level. I received some compliments from some staff and vendors as well as friends. I even sat for a free portrait session with the crew at The Project – A Cosplay Portrait Study and the photos of the woman looking back at me were incredible. I felt confidence blossom inside, and even though it wasn’t perfect or pricy, it did it on my own. I was surprised to find my portrait in their Top Ten from the Sunday Sessions, too! I am beyond thankful to be in such amazing cosplay company!

Q4: Name characters would you like to cosplay as?

There are so many different ones, but I would like to take extensive time to research construction, fabrics and textiles, and most importantly accurate portrayal of the characters. I’ve never been been on “sexy” versions of costumes or making sexy things that really and truly don’t need it. I’m not creative enough to do do mash-ups, but I have been rather curious about Steampunk lately.

Star Wars Steampunk! Check out Dapper R2!!

I would love to attempt any of the following:

  • Horror: Wendesday Addams from The Addams Family
  • Disney: Merida (Archery Contest Dress; Once Upon A Time battle regalia)
  • Sci-Fi: Star Trek Into Darkness Command Gold Dress; Star Wars Jedi Master
  • Fantasy: Margaery Tyrell from Game of Thrones
  • Anime: San from Princess Mononoke; Rally Vincent from Gunsmith Cats
  • Literature: Elizabeth Bennett from Pride + Prejudice + Zombies
  • Superhero: She-Ra, Princess of Power from Masters of the Universe

Q5: Are the celebrity photo op and autograph sessions worth the money?

It would really depend on the celebrity you are determined to meet. My original photo op got scrapped due to a last minute guest cancellation, but when I looked at the list of times, I managed to nab a John Barrowman ticket. Having read the reactions of those whom have met him, friends included, I knew he wouldn’t disappoint. Since my Nerd Girl Squad are part of my Orlando family, I asked them to join me in the photo. Why have all that tie-dye backgdrop or an “awkward prom” photo when you can have an epic family photo. John hugged me and wrapped all of us in a big hug, so much so that some of my friends’ photoshopped others into the photo for an extended family photo!

MegaCon 2016 BarowmanAll smiles with an amazing moment with Mr. Barrowman! 

The best advice I have is do your research. There is nothing worse than meeting a hero and having the moment be underwhelming or awful. It is important to take into considerationt the number of people in your party as well as the person you are meeting. Don’t be greedy and know that the moment is literally over in a flash, but it can be such a rush!

Answer Me, These Questions Three

  1. What additional questions do you have about my con experience?
  2. Is there a character you think I should consider adding to the CosPlay wish list?
  3. If lavish resources were at your disposal, including a design team, who would you dress up as?

Zelda wanted to CosPlay, too. This meant obliterating a tube of red lipstick that fell out of my purse. No, her fur isn’t still pink. I couldn’t even be mad at her.  Accidents DO happen, Y’all!

4 thoughts on “Friday 5: Summer Convention Season

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  1. It looks like you had lots of fun! I’m going to my first comic con in October and I’m pretty nervous about it. I liked your advice about cosplay. I’d like to cosplay as Louise from Bobs Burgers. I’ll have to go read your other con articles!

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  2. Zelda is killing me with that face and her lipstick ❤ I'm so ready for us to Con it up in Florida this year 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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