From Artists’ Alley to Lil House Gallery

If you want to talk about nerdy homeowner problems, MegaCon would be a prime example! When I was a student and in my twenties, I invested money in merchandise, figurines, snacks from Japan, and mooning over the cosplayers because I was never that brave or crafty to portray. Now, as the homeowner of the Lil Townhouse of the Nerdy, my primary objective for investment at this convention was art to decorate my home. Without an plan, I simply wandered through the Artists’ Alley, but the more booths I passed, my child of the 80s demanded to be heard. As Hannibal Smith would say in the A-Team, “I love it when a plan comes together,” and I cannot thank the artists I met enough.

Zelda can’t wait until I frame & hang everything, so we can snuggle in the office again!

Saturday Shopping Melee

As I previously mentioned, MegaCon was my first con in thirteen years.

Peach never needed the Mario Bros. She rescued herself!

I had to go back and visit Johnny on Sunday because I was so excited to make my first Artists’ Alley purchase… ever. I’ve purchased street art in New York and Tokyo, but never at a convention. Selecting this Self-Rescuing Princes Peach lead to a desire to find 80s-inspired prints and collaborations. While I purchased this sweet print from Johnny Kok on Saturday, I totally forgot to get a photo of him signing it.

Truly, truly, OUTRAGEOUS!!

For years, I have fawned over thea beautiful designs of Karen Hallion. It started out with her famed “Part of Every World” — a Disney meets Doctor Who mash-up featuring The Doctor inviting Ariel to come aboard the TARDIS. She has so many glorious designs, but it wasn’t until I was talking with her face-to-face, and I came across her Jem and The Holograms print, that I realized that it needed to be part of my design scheme! Karen (such a great name) is a class act and one of my all time favorites.

I nearly picked two, and then my Jessie Spano came out and she was SO EXCITED!!

Every Saturday morning that Saved by the Bell was on, we were in front of the TV. Even when it went into syndication, the gang went to college, and even when the houses of Kapowski and Morris finally had their fairytale ending, I was plugged in. When I met Joe Spiotto of Jo3Bot, I felt I had seen his work before, and then I saw his The Scoobies, Buffy the Vampire Slayer-inspired record album jacket print and realized that I had dogmarked his prints on Etsy before! It wasn’t until I realized he had a Zack Attack “Friends Forever” album cover, that I folded like a souffle! I wonder if I could get the SBTB cast to sign it…

Sunday Funday in the Artists’ Alley

I had two simple goals for Sunday: locate an awesome She-Ra art print, and rediscover the location of the artists who did one amazing mash-up that would make Bruce Campbell & Christina Ricci reunite two of their most iconic characters! Arriving early certainly made the difference because I parked in the lot right behind the West Concourse of the Convention Center, and they let the general ticket holders in 15 minutes early to help clear out the massive queue in the lobby.

I love supporting friends and local artists because they chase their true passions!

I met Erin of Purrito Press last month at the Geek Girls Brunch Orlando meet up at Dexter’s in Winter Park! We talked about her glorious trip to Japan and on Saturday, I did a fly-by and dropped off a cupcake. Since her trip to Japan was recent, she and her husband geared up on their yukatas (summer cotton kimono) for the biggest day of the convention. In all the excitement of Saturday, I didn’t make it back to her booth, so I made it a point to stop there first on Sunday morning. Her lithograph of Serenity spoke to my inner Browncoat and I absolutely loved the Lord of the Rings print she had, so naturally, I bought both. While I am totally a puppy mama, I love her allergen-free, Karen-friendly purritos!

New friends but truly kindred spirits! I adore this lady!

I found out about Chrissy Albertson, Winged Warrior Art, through a fellow geeky girl blogger, the darling Heather at The Nerdy Fox, who went to high school with her! In all the madness on Saturday, I couldn’t find her booth. My mission was to find a She-Ra art print, and I was floored to see her “80s Girls” with She-Ra with Swift Wind AND Rainbow Brite with Starlite. I came to a halt for the art, but Chrissy’s bubbly personality made my fall head over heels with her and her art! In the five minutes we chatted, I walked away feeling like I made a friend for life. Seriously, 10AM hadn’t even chimed, and I checked one massive mark off the task list!

He boldly sent the future into a nostalgic, retro time warp!

Despite my love for Star Trek, I have very little in the ST fandom in my house aside from a Command Pin and my DIY ruffled Starship Enterprise skirt. Dan Parent‘s Archie work brought back so many teen memories of when we first moved to Florida. Every time we’d go to the market, I’d ask mom for some Archie comics from the check out line. My jaw hit the floor on Saturday when I saw his table because the Riverdale gang were very much a part of my childhood. If anyone is looking for a crazy, unique present for any occasion, please get me “Archified!

Where there Underground Nightmare is only forever… not long at all…

David K. Wong had a dizzing array of cross overs and designs. I was about to buy his wonderful mash-up as Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas dressed up as season two Michonne from The Walking Dead when I saw this darling mix of Sally and her beloved Jack Skellington as Sarah and Jareth from the ballroom scene of Labyrinth. The clincher was Sir Didymus astride Zero instead of Ambrosius!

I’ll have to figure out which Con they’ll be at next so I can get the second signature!

I completely nerded out when I saw this fantastic Army of Darkness x Wednesday Addams print by Jayson Kretzer & Andrew Pate entitled “Ash Wednesday“. I meant to return to their booth on Saturday, but the ebb and flow of the exhibit hall floor kept turning me around. Thankfully, Danielle, came to my rescue and homed in on my check list item! This print is like a hide-and-seek of film references. I love that it has Thing, Uncle Fester, AND Lurch! Also, being raised Catholic, there is a strangely amusing Easter egg in the titling. Right under the wire, my other big to do for the day is moved into the “DONE” column!

I had plans for panels galore, but my yukata was cinched too tight, and I wanted nothing more than to cuddle on the couch with Zelda, make further progress on my binge watch of Once Upon a Time (Yes, I am VERY late to the OUAT party), and beat the traffic out of OCCC. It had been five years since I wore a yukata, and while I was able to dress in it like old times, I had forgotten how exhausting it can be.

13256163_1722882287979801_70110939049571192_n.pngWho wants to housesit & Zelda-sit for the weekend?

While we were at MegaCon, it was announced that the last weekend of October (28th-30th)– All Hallow’s Weekend– would be the first MG Tampa Bay. Which big stars are already slated? David Tennant (The Tenth Doctor) & Billie Piper (Rose Tyler) from Doctor Who, Karl Urban (Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Dredd), ad William Shatner are already confirmed! During the AH-MAZING John Barrowman Q&A panel, a fan inquired if JB would be joining his former cast mates in Tampa. There was speculation that IF the invitation was extended, it would be the FIRST time all three woyld be together at a con and the most epic photo op would be available. If not… there could be the possibility of a Heroes and Villians op with Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen/Green Arrow) to his Malcolm Merlyn. BOTH sound amazing, but WHICH will come to fruition?!

Answer Me, These Questions Three

  1. When  you go to a comic convention, that are your shopping plans?
  2. Which of the above pieces do you like most?
  3. Can you believe that MegaCon is so big that they’re adding Tampa (just down the I-4 Corridor) to their expansion?!

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  1. Awww! We’ve been at Cons this weekend, only accross the pond 😉 cool! Well, I have no plans of buying anything really. My only plan is: try not to buy too many things! xDDDD This time I ended up taking tons of pics with super cool Cosplayers, and shopping for Funkos. I also took a loot at everything, but I ended up with Hobbit feet and my legs hurt so much xDDDD Reason: I didn’t stop during the whole day xDDDD Only when I was back in the train LOL I love all the art you got 😉 It’s super cool.

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