Plainclothes Kingsman Cosplay at Work

One of the challenges I have set for myself is to take greater effort in coordinating outfits. When one works in the state university system, depending on your job class, geek chic fashion must be strategically woven into one’s ensemble. What I love about Kingsman is that folks are embodying the aesthetics of the “Gentleman Spy” and suiting up without going the full James Bond tuxedo (most of the time). As a lady,  I have a fine appreciation of the sharped dress, professional suit, and would love to make strides to incorporate a more structured look into my bevvy of flowing dresses and bouncy skirts. Today’s focus will include fashion commentary on the lone female making waves within the ranks of the good guys. There will be plot point discussions, so turn back now if you still haven’t seen the film and go watch it. (Now, please.)

kingsman-the-secret-service-colin-firth-suits“One does not use Fitting Room Two when popping one’s cherry. ” – Harry Hart

Roxanne ‘Roxy’ Morton is one of two ladies that are selected for the Kingsman Recruiting Process, and in the film she is played by English actress, Sophie Cookson. Roxy is the only recruit who acknowledges Eggsy as a potential rival for the coveted spot of Lancelot, and they develop a mutual respect for one another. With the exception of one task in a night club, Roxy’s wardrobe is kept conservative with wool sweaters, collared oxford shirts, tailored trousers, tweed jackets, and leather boots. Her makeup is minimal at best, nail varnish is non-existent, and her hair is function over fashion. She doesn’t portray the sexy femme fatale, but a smart, situationally-aware professional, often outdoing most of her male competitors. In the end, she edges out Eggsy in the final task, securing her spot at The Table as a Kingsman.

Lancelot ArianneRoxy takes up the mantle as Lancelot.

The Bespoke Suit: A Kingsman’s Armour

Previously, I shared my Khaleesi Drogo gender swap casual cosplay which was originally inspired by this look. Upon seeing this shirt of the month, I ordered it immediately! No sooner did my “Manners Maketh Man” tank top from Jordan Dene arrive, I started shopping in my closet (‘ransacking it’ according to the Dog). I had a general idea of which items I wanted to pair with it from my previous post about Kingsman. The look came together much better than I had expected.

“Manners. Maketh. Man.” – Harry Hart (Galahad)

Styling #1: Office Casual Kingsman

Trousers – I selected a light gray, linen trouser to offset the weight of the heavy cardigan. The loose legs are perfect for weapons consealment like a boot holster or throwing knives.

Oxford Shirt – A ladies’ cut Oxford with a blue on blue woven pattern. To conceal the disparity in sleeve length with the cardigan, I cuffed the sleeves. Plus, it displays my wrist wear better.

Cardigan – I knew when I bought the tank top that this would have to be the first sweater I pair with it, even though it’s a 3/4 length, and the shirt is full sleeve. The bright mustard gold helps the letters stand out better.

Socks – Bondi Compression knee-high socks in standard black. I forgot they also made argyles in fun color combinations. I’d select the black and gray and a sensible black oxford. You don’t see them with the trousers, but wearing a heeled shoe helped with blood circulation.

Heeled Oxfords – my caramel leather with gold patent saddle “Eloise” heeled oxfords were discontinued by GH Bass, Co. several years ago. I would like to get their Madison heeled oxford in tan (once the price drops a smidge more).

KSS_AP_D54_05067.CR2Merlin (Mark Strong) and Lancelot in a mission briefing.

Styling #2: Office Formal Kingsman

When I lived in Japan, I regularly wore suits to work, and my hands down favorite was from Benetton in Japan because it was black and came with both a matching pencil skirt and trousers. Had I been smart, I would have bought that suit in several colors to bring home with me. When I flew, my favorite uniform pieces were the pencil skirt and the double breasted blazer which I wore with a pocket square and neck scarf. In warmer months or on the plane, I always for the tailored vest with the oxford shirts. I’ve been training for Kingsman recruitment without even knowing it!

Suit – The Bespoke Women’s Suit would have the option for a skirt or trousers both matching to the jacket. For those on the west side of the Pond,  Ralph Lauren would be a solid investment. The Ivy League look for women incorporates more androgynous style with curvier tailoring.

Pumps – For three years, I swore by Aerosole’s “Dolled Up” pumps because even though they were three inches tall, I could run through a concourse to catch my commuting flights home. My current pair need a trip to the Kingsman Shoe Repair.

Stockings – a lady can’t risk running around with runs in her tights, and it took months of regular use before I managed to get even a tiny snag in my compression stockings. They have patterns now, too, which is quite wonderful! Thigh-highs for garter holstering is also available.

Coordination of accoutrements is key! 

 Dressing Room 3: Accessories

Glasses & Sunglasses – I got my fashion glasses at Hot Topic on BOGO. It turns out that they are both faux tortoise shell. Alas, Zelda tried wearing the non-sunnies, and didn’t like the fit. Interestingly, it happened on the same day Taron Eggerton Eggsy himself tweeted this. (What does it all mean?!)

Watch – While I dream of being able to drop +$7K on a Bremont Watch,  my Juicy Couture Twiggy Women’s White Leather Watch with Heart Charm will have to do the trick once I get it back from the jeweler (out for repairs.)

Bangles – I pared down my standard Alex + Ani charmed arm to two bangles: the Knight and a beaded one. Adding either the Kings Crown or Queens Crown would help make a modest, but pretty stack.

Bag – My go to bag is a tan monogrammed vegan leather (faux leather) tote bag.

I have seen “replicas” to the Kingsman necklace Eggsy made out of the medal he received as a kid from Harry as well as the signet ring. I’m going to shop around first, but I think they would be fun additions to the ensembles. This Kingsman logo necklace is also pretty sleek and fancy. I don’t wear much jewelry, but I think these would help make the outfits more complete in a cosplay sense as well as a fashion sense.

Spy-Savvy Hair Styles

Ladies who can pull off the perfect Pixie cut, you are the envy of my existence. I’ve tried the look once and it did not flatter at all. Last year, I cut my very long hair to my shoulders, and have since resumed growing it out. Depending on the level of formality (and Floridian humidity), my preferred Kingsman coiffes are as follows:

  • High Pony
  • French Twist
  • Chignon
  • Bun

I do use items such as the Conair Bun Maker and their instant French Twist because the combination adds additional volume and helps perfect the shape. What styling tools and products do you use for polished coiffes?

Flawless hair in Florida is attainable, but it is a lot of work.

Answer Me, These Questions Three:

  1. Have you seen The Kingsman movie or read the graphic novel series?
  2. Are you excited for the sequel?
  3. How would you style the Manners Maketh Man tank for the summer time? How casual is “too casual” for a Kingsman?

Tank Tops by Jordan Dene in Brooklyn NYCI was surprised with a bonus tank with my order!

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