Nom Nom like a Cavewoman

For the month of May, I will trade my fork for a spear as I finally take the Paleo leap. I have toyed with the idea long enough, and I have two cookbooks burning a hole in my kitchen real estate, begging to fulfill their culinary destinies! I’ve also worked out an action plan to go along with my food plan. It is said that it only takes 21 days of build or break a habit, so I am going to use all 31 to get my fitness unicorn out of the Lazy Barn and frolicking around the Paleo Landscape. Let’s see how much damage I can do in the next month!

20131214-211411.jpg2013 was my fittest year to date!

May 11th marks my sixth month in the Lil House of the Nerdy, and it really feels like home. Today is also the third month celebration of Zelda becoming its second resident! Now, that I am comfortable in my living space, I am writing more and working on so many projects which keep me home outside of work hours. I love my neighborhood, but it’s time to put that darned clubhouse membership to work. The greatest challenge ahead is not killing myself at the gym, walking home and promptly undoing all the sweat equity I just invested. Walks around the neighborhood and trips to the dog park with Zellybeans are fantastic, but she clearly gets more of a workout than I do, so I need to be smarter about my strategy.

A Tale of Two Cookbooks

Nom Nom Paleo by Michelle Tam & Henry Fong

If I had to discover a Paleo cookbook that belongs in a nerd’s kitchen, NNP is Paleo Book of Kells. Tam & Fong are a Paleo Power Couple who put together a beautifully illustrated, methodically presented, and gorgeous photographed collection perfect for anyone interested in taking up the spatula in the name of clean eating. They’re also a CrossFit Couple and healthy parents!

aaadsc_6302_1024x1024This Nerd’s Kitchen NEEDS a tiny Vinyl Patron Goddess of Paleo!

I purchased NNP as an incentive to actually do more in the kitchen aside from microwaving food and feeding the dog. I might have to do some thrift shopping to get some of the appliances mentioned (slow cooker, pressure cooker, spiralizer), but all the recipes are laid out in comic book format!

Cavewomen Don’t Get Fat by Esther Blum

I was kicking back on a beach in Honolulu browsing eBooks on my B&N nook back in early 2014 when I came across Cavewomen Don’t Get Fat. I was in between flights to Japan and I just finished Naomi Moriyama’s Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat. I read it cover to cover and found it quite interesting, but I couldn’t for the life of my bring myself to cut out all my beloved vices: dairy, sugar, and alcohol. Fast forward to that summer when I tried the Ideal Protein Protocol, a nutritionist supervised diet embracing similar principles. The weight fell off quickly, but I never felt hungry. Conversely, now, I eat plenty and I constantly feel starved, so I’m smashing that reset button, deleting all my save points, and starting a new game in the oldest sense of old school: protein and greens.

cavewomen-800x400Blum’s Paleo Chic meets my Geek Chic? Can’t wait to try it!

One of the nice things about having the nook book version is that my GlowLight case has an easel stand, so it leaves a teeny footprint on my limited countertop space. I’ll have to cover it in plastic so I don’t spill anything on it as I tend to cook like the Animal playing the drums on The Muppet Show.

Back to Basics

When I flew, I regularly hit the gym and meticulously planned my food because I was commuting from Florida to my assigned bases. Being on the fly for 3-6 days at a time required smart packing only of my personal items and clothes, but my food as well. Eating healthy in the airports can be an expensive challenge and depending on how smooth the day goes, there may not even be times to stop for a bite to each. My lunch pail became my best friend. Transitioning back into a 40 hour weekday work week resulted in unintentionally scrapping all my hard work and planning, which backfired spectacularly.

IMG_2218With my Disney husband, The Great Goofini after the WDW Half (Jan 2014)

I eased the reigns on my fitness unicorn, and she decided to go buck wild and breakaway. Many were eager to help me bring her back in, but took many ranch hands at the corral made my begin to second guess everything I was doing. The most difficult thing about sharing interests or journeys with others is the potential for those around you to criticize your choices. I let some people get into my head to the point where they managed to talk me out of doing the things I love, giving up hobbies I enjoyed, and resuming multiple bad habits. As a result, both my mental wellness and physical fitness completely tanked, leaving my poor broken-spirited unicorn in the Lazy Barn.

My Four Verbs

  • Journaling – Julia Cameron’s The Writing Diet: Write Yourself Right-Size is one of my favorite self-help books. Each time I return to rebooting my wellness, I pick up her book. What I write my food journal is personal and not open season for everyone. I usually share the contents with one or two people who are familiar with all my hang ups and triggers when it comes to food, body image, and wellness. Amy Spencer’s Meeting Your Half Orange is another uplifting read for those wanting to get their heads cleared out and hearts opened.
  • Tracking – This was something I lived and died by when on IP and flying to ensure that I prevented myself from overeating but also under eating. My food tracker of choice is Lose It, and when it comes to hitting the gym, Fitocracy is my jam.
  • Planning – With access to a full kitchen at home and refrigeration and heating elements at work, I have to evict laziness and get my cooking and meal preparation back on track. To avoid  overspending, food waste, and unused pantry staples, I want to create either a spreadsheet or a find a analog tracking system to keep in the kitchen.
  • Training – Summer in Florida pretty much arrived back in late March. Just when I was ready to resume training, I threw my back out for the first time back in February. It really made me hesitant to go back and hit the gym or do anything strenuous really. The pain came back a month later, but I was prepared for it. Now, I am researching weightlifting belts to ensure I’m doing everything to protect it.

I’m putting the action back into my action plan. I am great with the planning, but I need to focus on the execution. Don’t worry, there will be no unicorns harmed in the process! I will be posting some of my forays in paleo on Instagram, so please come nerd out with me in my own kitchen!

Answer Me, These Questions Three

  1. What are your go to cookbooks or recipe sites for healthy options?
  2. When it comes to cutting empty calories which food/drink items are always the hardest to scale back or eliminate from your diet?
  3. What formats do you employ when working toward a fitness or health goal?


3 thoughts on “Nom Nom like a Cavewoman

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  1. I actually just finished telling the Hubby that I’m ready for Paleo. I feel better when I do it, but then life events send booze and sweets back in my life and I just fall off hard. WE CAN DO IT 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s surprising how much sugar is in everything! I hadn’t realized how much chemicals are in processed foods. What surprised me at first was how expensive it was to buy organic and pure ingredients. There is a reason why America is fat, sick, and dying quickly. The affordable/cheap foods are at least 50% crap. The biggest challenge is making time at home to cook daily.


      1. 100% yes to all of this. The sad thing is so many people just don’t know how much crap is in the food or just simply don’t have the money to purchase wholesome, clean foods.

        Liked by 1 person

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