Celebrating St. Paddy’s the Nerdy Way

Last week, the world went green in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day! While I didn’t have grandly orchestrated plans as the 17th fell on a Thursday, I celebrated in the best and nerdiest way possible. Despite having a standard day at work, I managed a costume change from a sophisticated low-key Office Loki to a full-on night at the gaming pub casual in an beer mug shirt and jeans. How did I pull off two festive looks in one night? How does one celebrate St. Paddy’s in a nerdly fashion? I’m glad you asked.

Layers upon layers in freezing office! (Tank: Jordan Dene)

Lucky Ensembles Assembled

At work, I mixed it up with Loki , expressing how difficult my desk jockey life is as I am “Burdened with Glorious Purpose” by Jordan Dene. This time of year, the weather in Florida yo-yos between the low 50s and high 80s, so layers are a office goddess’ best friend! I layered the dark teal with golden lettering over a sleeveless oxford in a checkered pattern. The gold came to life when coordinated with my camel trousers and printed scarf. Like my Office Casual Kingsman, I wore socks and my tan and gold heeled oxfords. Channeling my inner flamboyant Norse god, I wore a beefier stack of bangles on my wrist, so every time I lamented about the glorious purpose of my work, it punctuated my sentences.

Loki.jpgBurdened with Glorious Purpose by Jordan Dene

After Happy Hour with a dear work colleague, I went home and slipped into into some a little more nerdy and less formal for part two of my evening out. When I saw this shirt at woot, I could not help myself. Chalk it up to my love for Dungeons and Dragons, dump stats, and craft beer, or the simple fact that I love avoiding the pinchings by rocking some green. When a player rolls a dice with twenty sides (d20), and it lands on 20, it’s called a natural twenty and in battle a “critical” when it comes to hitting targets or sussing out the best information from the game master.

ae4c2ba1-8814-4652-a206-ab9e1ce29d58-_sy441_cr150558441_Status Effects designed by Oakenspirit

When I first started playing DnD, my friends each picked their “Natural 20” when it came to the six primary statistics of character development: Intelligence (INT), Dexterity (DEX), Charisma (CHA), Wisdom (WIS), Strength (STR), and Constitution (CON). In my group, my natural twenty was Constitution – resistance to illness or poison. I believe this was largely attributed to my ability to consume a considerable volume of adult beverages without adverse effects (illness, hangovers, bad decision making). When I saw the eight-bit beer stein with the typical status effects of a mug of beer: four additional points toward Charisma (either in my mind and/or other) with deductions for Dexterity and Wisdom, I couldn’t pass it it. It combined three of my favorite things: festive shirts, gaming, and beer. How could I NOT select this shirt for St. Patrick’s Day!

I paired this shirt with a pair of skinny jeans, sparkly black Converses, and a custom bow from my friend Taryn over at Mad Happy Studios.

Girls Nerding Out

The Girls Nerding Out is the new Girls Night Out! One of my favorite local nerd, Danielle (From Girlie to Nerdy), invited me out for some drinks and St. PAddy’s Day Shenanigans at one of my favorite pubs in all of Central Florida: The Cloak & Blaster: A Gaming Pub for Geeks. I have had the pleasure of sharing the C&B with several of my friends, and I was tickled to learn that this was Danielle’s first visit!

A Ravenclaw & A Slytherin walk into a pub…

 Shenanigans, Trivia, and Gentlenerdly Competition at Cloak & Blaster!

I had the pleasure of meeting Danielle at a meet up for the Central Florida Lady Bloggers at Wolfgang Pucks at Disney Springs. It was unadulterated kismet that we ended up sitting across from each other at the table. While I have many friends in Orlando who are varying degrees of nerdy and geeky, many of them are lifelong nerds, like me. Conversely, Danielle is in the midst of an awakening in Nerdvana, so it’s a blast discussing fandom with someone experiencing some things for the first time! It has given me the opportunity to give considerable thought to the direction of my blog.

img_6692Lucky to have met this gloriously nerdy chick!

We discussed so many wonderful things including summer comic convention plans, potential blog themes,  dreamings of “big girl” travel, and simply enjoyed nerdy conversation over some hefty stouts and decadent dessert. As someone desiring to dig deeper with blogging, it means a boatload when one hits the motherlode in one’s own genre. As I concentrate my efforts of cultivating a stronger nerd-centric lifestyle, it is great to finally discover another local friend whose geek roots run deep.

I cannot wait for our next evening of Girls Nerding Out on April 20th, when we hit up Painting with a Twist. We’re making up for those Hogwarts letters that got lost in the mail! Better start planning on what to wear!

Answer Me, These Questions Three

  1. Did you have any special plans for St. Patrick’s Day?
  2. Ever try corned beef and cabbage? What did you think?
  3. Any other great Irish Stouts I ought to try? ← I need to find a place with the Brewery Ommegang’s Take the Black Stout from Game of Thrones!

This was definitely found at the end of a rainbow!


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  1. Ahhh I love this! I’m so glad we got to have some tasty beers and cheesecake together and I’m definitely looking forward to painting Hogwarts together 🙂


    1. The best part was that isn’t wasn’t overly planned or planned to death! You know how planning logistics can get too overwhelming? We just went with the flow and was it lovely!

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