Funko Friday: How I Display Mine

In this week’s task, we were asked to show off our display methods. I’m still trying to unpack and get settled, but I do have some of my Funko on display.

FunkoFridayHostedbyKimiandPepiCare to join in?

At the house comes together, I’m trying to find the perfect place to display my vinyl army. At the moment, they’re huddling together on the bookshelf which is also doubling as a bar. The bookshelf is close to eight feet high, so currently most of the gang is huddling together on the top shelves to protect the glassware (and stay out of the reaches of on Zelda).

The important task of guarding my fancy wine & martini glasses!

I cannot decide the best way to display them. Should I keep them all together in the places where I entertain so as to foster discussion? Do I seek out the best placement throughout the house? Do I bring some back to work?

Answer Me, These Questions Three:

  1. Should I display all my Funko in the same place in the house
  2. Should I pepper them throughout the house?
  3. Would it be advisable to get a display case for the limited edition items?

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