Funko Friday – Cherchez les Femmes

This week’s Funko Friday is a twofer. Since I recently discovered the FF fun, I am revisiting some of the prompts I missed from earlier in the year. Two of the themes stood out in particular and the hardest part was deciding not which POP Figures to discuss, but which category to classify them under. Today, I will talk about 80s cartoon icon She-Ra, Princess of Power, who I spent many a Saturday morning with as a child, and AJ Lee, one of the hottest women in professional wrestling. Sadly, both the women in question as well as their Funkos are retired, so I am having the darnedest time locating the figures. Here’s the rundown on why I am adding these to my epic quest for The Lil House of the Nerdy.

  80s Royalty squares off against The Black Widow

The Funko I Want Most1: She-Ra, Princess of Power

As a child of the 80s, it truly kills me that I was unable to locate a She-Ra Princess of Power when she was available. Growing up, my sister and I had the She-Ra and all of her allies and stored them all in the Crystal Castle, but parted ways with powerful and colorful ladies of The Great Rebellion when our family relocated from upstate New Jersey to south Florida. Had I known that there would be a resurgence in the popularity of all things 80s, I would have left some Barbies behind and packed all my She-Ras along with all my Jem and the Holograms (instead of selling them off at the pre-move garage sale).


The Princess of Power is an 80s era Icon.

Currently on Amazon, remaining She-Ras are floating around starting at a staggering $190 (plus shipping). I am hoping to scour Orlando as I take time to save up for this little lady. There are plenty of fantastic gaming and comic shops around town, some of which have special agents with magic powers of rarity location. Also, MegaCon is coming up at the end of May, so I may need to keep my eyes peeled!

Anything He-Man can do She-Ra can do better!

I would love to add the Complete Series of She-Ra, Princess of Power on DVD to my home library. Recently, I have taken to seeking out 80s cartoon availability on DVD after discovering ThunderCats on Hulu while working on my write up about Cheetara for my first Funko Friday.

In Search of the Lost Funko2: AJ Lee

I honestly missed out on AJ. On several occasions, I had her in my WWE Shopping cart and then chickened out as I had to be an adult and use the money for more important things like food and bills. I already had her real life husband, CM Punk, running around the house. I snagged POP CM Punk prior to his leaving the WWE amidst controversy, yet, AJ Lee continued working and dominating the Divas division. In the last few years, she was one of my all time favorite women in wrestling, not only because she is an absolutely legitimate geek, but also due to her exceptional in-ring skills.

1301_AJLeeOne of the best ladies to come out of Jersey besides me!

Over on eBay, the average going rate for the AJ Lee Funko POP!, is $150+ which is soul crushing compared to the original $14.95 on the WWE Shop. The day AJ announced her retirement suddenly ALL the merchandise from the online shop vanished without a trace. I wish they would have liquidated the stock or at least kept it available until everything was sold out. She was truly a unique chick in the Divas division, and she is sorely missed by the fans. I am sincerely kicking myself in the keister with a pair of knee high Chuck Taylors over this.

Thank you for all the Crazy, AJ. You’re in a league of your own.

Now, that AJ Brooks is retired, she’s been volunteering with the ASPCA and working on her own book (due out in 2017). I can’t wait to hear her story. I wish I could donate the cost to the ASPCA and get an AJ Funko instead of giving it to some greedy Gus on eBay…

Edit: My friend informed me of a German retailer, Toy Palace, who is taking pre-orders for AJ and they ship internationally! *fingers crossed*

Answer Me, These Questions Three

  1. She-Ra or AJ? Who should I focus my attention on locating?
  2. Do you think the best way to display items is in the original packaging, in a display case, or any way one sees fit?
  3. Do you know of any specialty shops or forums where I could ask for assistance in hunting down these retired ladies?


Funko Friday Notes

  1. January 8th prompt: “The Funko I Want Most”
  2. February 5th prompt: “In Search of the Lost Funko – the Resistant Pop”

 Sorry, Buddy, it might be a while before we get The Wifey.

11 thoughts on “Funko Friday – Cherchez les Femmes

Add yours

  1. She-Ra!!! I would try to find it the first 😉 [My opinion is biased because I like her too LOL ] But, at the end, I would end up picking both Pops 😉


    1. Thanks for the feed back, dePepi!! It’s such a hard decision because I want them both so much. I missed out on the Orlando Toy Fair a few weeks back, so now I’m sketching out a game plan!


  2. What a bummer that they are so expensive. They do new waves of Funko Pops all the time tho – so people cashing in right now are only getting to do so because some people are willing to spend the money and don’t want to wait. Hang in there… they’ll come back around!

    Check out – it’s the unofficial, official forum for Funko ANYTHING.


    1. Thanks for the tips, Kimi!! It just bums me out because these folks don’t care about the product, just making a profit. They ruin the collection experience for those who may not have hinders to burn on something, but want the opportunity to have a reminder of their childhood, you know?


    1. OMG at some point we’ll need to exchange phone numbers. I am already plotting a shopping expedition across Orlando, but I am going to need a complete Saturday and an early start if I intend on hitting my every growing list of places. I already have 4 (not including any of the GameStops around town).


      1. Yes we do! I’m so glad we met at the CF Lady blogger event 🙂 Gods & Monsters usually has a lot of good Pops and I love going there…wink wink 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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