Random Acts of Kindess for Pepper

Last fall, my best friend, Meghan, had to put her baby girl, Pepper, to rest. From the time, I returned from Japan, Pepper had been a constant in Meghan’s life and as a result, a part of mine. At the top of the month, Meghan, invited me to participate in an random acts of kindness collaboration in honor of what would have been Pepper’s 11th birthday. Today, I’d like to talk about a phone app which does a little more than track your walks with your dog.

  I am a sucker for puppy kisses. 

Anyone who discounts pets as family members does not understand what it is like when your pet is your companion and child. When one  I remember crying at work when I found out that Pepper’s illness could no longer be managed because I know what a critical role she had in my friend’s life. For me, I wanted to help, but was told there was nothing I could do at the time.  There is a certain helplessness one feels, especially when a friend is suffering and needs time alone to process the drastic change in their life.

When Meghan asked me to perform a random act of kindness for Pepper, Zelda and I had a powwow. It was decided that we should spread the word about a free phone which gives back to the community and all you have to do is walk you dog or borrow someone else’s.

  Zelda has a fairy goddoggie in Pepper.

Walking dogs for charity? There’s an app for that.

Prior to my rescuing Zelda, I installed the Walk for a Dog app by WoofTrax while scouring the pages of PetFinder over winter break. I tested it out with Barney while visiting my parents for the holidays, and really enjoyed it. Though I have been determined to unplug a little more when it comes to exercise, the concept of dedicating my mileage to a cause that is bigger than myself. Naturally, I selected South Lake Animal League as my shelter of choice because SLAL is responsible for bringing Zelda into my life. If it weren’t for them rescuing Zelda from a high kill shelter in Louisiana, she wouldn’t be part of my The Lil House of the Nerdy.

Six legs are better than two, right, Zelda?

The app has the ability to walk multiple dogs at the same time! It also tracks distance, average miles per  hour, and total time spent walking. The individual entries also use your location to create a map of the area walked like most running trackers (with associated stats for the particular run). Users are given the option of sharing their mileage via social media (Facebook; Twitter). Walk history be viewed up to a year.

Every time I visited Meghan, Pepper would greet me at the door, and it still makes me sad to know she’s gone. Conversely, I know that she is running around upstairs with some of the best damn dogs I know like Jazzy and Balzac. I believe my walks with Zelda will help make the world a better place and do more than just bring us closer together as family. As time goes by, I hope that I can bring Zelda to some of the fundraising and charity events around Orlando. There are so many wonderful people out there trying to right the wrongs of those who abuse and neglect animals, and I want to do my part.

Answer Me, These Questions Three

  1. How do you give back to your community?
  2. If you have a dog, do you ever take your pal to any pet events for charity?
  3. What do  you do to pamper your pet or show kindness to animals?

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