Funko Friday – Cheetara as my Spirit Animal

A Friday bonus segment, you say? Heck yes! Recently, I have started venturing and seeking networks of like minded geeks and nerds. Thanks to my gal pal, Danielle, over at From Girlie to Nerdy, I have learned it is perfectly acceptable to celebrate and share one’s Funko Pop collectibles. that Cheetara was the lone adult female ThunderCat in the original 1980s cartoon series. It was my childhood dream to be a ThunderCat.

Cheetara’s speed will help me traverse the mountains of work!

I have a humble, but growing collection of Funko Pop figures, and randomly they do crop up on my Instagram feed from time to time. As I have started connecting more with geeky and nerdy girl groups, I learned that many celebrate Funko Fridays! FF is best described as posting about your favorite Funko collectible on Fridays. There have been many  different formats in which folks celebrate from quick blubs, a photo documentary, and even in-depth articles. In keeping true to my style, I’ll be taking a long-form, editorial approach in which I will cover my selection of the presented character, it’s personal impact on my nerdiness, and discuss story lines. This may result in spoilers, so if you aren’t cool with learning new stuff without experiencing it first hand, stop here and enjoy the photo of Cheetara at work with me up top. If you are ready to delve further, let’s get to it. ThunderCats—- HOOOOOOO!!!!


I’m excited! They have themes!!

Who Runs the World? This Girl!

Growing up in the 1980s, ThunderCats were one of several cartoon staples for children. Following a similar group dynamic to that of He-Man: Masters of the Universe, G.I. Joe, and Voltron, the action comic genre was decidedly skewed toward the male viewer. Although girls could revel in the glimmer-glamour-fashion-and-fame of Jem as well as the MOTU-spin-off She-Ra:Princess of Power, it was Cheetara who demonstrated a woman’s ability to hold her own with the men without the overt abuse of sex as a weapon.

Proving women can be fast, powerful, and athletic!

Cheetara is tasked with being one of Lion-O’s protectors and fights without her ability being questioned as a result of her gender. She is a powerful woman and exceptionally adept. In a time where there was decidedly designated “boys” and “girls” television programming, Cheetara flew under the radar, drawing the attention of young girls to the action genre. She proved that women could not only defend their own, but they could pick up arms and head into battle to protect them.

Resurrection of Thundera?!

In 2011-2012, Cartoon Network created a new ThunderCats series, but with decidedly Japanese anime-style character design. Originally slated for 52 episodes, it was axed after only one season (26 episodes). Currently, I am watching the original series via Amazon Prime Video, and once I am finished, I will move onto seeing how the 80’s era staple has been reimagined for a modern day audience.

Nearly 26 years apart, giving way to a new generation of fans!

From a gaming standpoint, I am totally digging the more practical costume design, especially for Cheetara. I love her lithe unitard with tights, boots, and a single sleeve, but when running through the jungle and actually fighting characters her aerodynamics forsakes any sort of armor. The upgrade to a more monk/cleric-class fashion sense to a vest/trouser set with gauntlets and open-toe boots. While her plunging v-neckline is now a tad more modest, she now bares her full midriff. She still wields her bow staff and has her super speed.

The greatest thing I am anticipating (and those spoiler-haters, I sincerely encourage you to stop now) is the one thing I daydreamed about when I was a kid. The one thing I always hoped for in the cartoon but never happened. I’m going to throw this out there and let the chips fall where they may: I never liked like Lion-O. Yes, he is the Lord of the ThunderCats and the protagonist of the entire series, but my heart always belonged to Tygra. I knew from the time Cheetara rescued Tygra from The Cave of Time which started rapidly aging him, my young heart wanted them to live happily ever after!

Viva CheeTygra! 

In the time between the launch of the original series and the new one in 2011, there were two series of ThunderCats comics! The artwork is consistent with the original series, but I was completely unaware of it’s availability! I will need to see if I can chase it down. In the comics, Cheetara and Tygra’s relationship evolves past platonic alliance in protecting Lion-O and it is later given attention in the 2011 reboot of the series. I wish I could truly convey how happy this makes me. I need to find a Tygra!

CheeTygraAfter all this time? Always.

So fast, you blink and she’s gone.

If there was ever a pair of shoes I regret NOT purchasing, it would be these glorious, limited edition Cheetara All-Stars low-rise by Converse. During my days of flying, I saw these in many a shop window at the mall, but never managed to pluck up the courage to buy them. Unfortunately, I am cursed with one of the most common shoe sizes for women (eight), so by the time I finally managed to find the time to splurge on the investment– they were long gone.

Can anyone help me find these in a women’s 8?

Thanks to Funko Fridays, they will start filtering their way into the blog. I have a very modest collection, as the selections I tend to make are very judicious. I would like to add more in the future, but the biggest challenge I am finding is that many of the ones I really want, I’ve missed out on. I hope I can continue to participate with my limited army. I may ask for help in locating some hard to find ones in the future, so please bear with me!

I picked up Cheetara at Gods & Monsters here in Orlando!

Answer Me, These Questions Three:

  1. Do you have a favorite ThunderCat?
  2. Do you collect Funko Pop figures?
  3. Could you please tell me if you happen upon an available pair of those Converse?!

r6YpP - Imgur.gifTygra, you flirty jerk & my first childhood crush.

13 thoughts on “Funko Friday – Cheetara as my Spirit Animal

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  1. Sadly I was too young to remember ThunderCats (born in 85 woo woo). I only vaguely remember watching with my brother, but now I totally want to check out the newer series.

    Love your Funko!


      1. Oh sweet…I’ll be watching on Netflix with my little Nugget! I’m sure he’d LOVE the show 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for the comment!! It means a heap when I receive feedback. I am happy to discover fellow fans who appreciate my love for these things. The two funko I am on the hunt for are She-Ra and AJ Lee (retired WWE diva). They’re going for +$200 each!!


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