Friday Five: What Makes me Nerd Out

Welcome to the next installment of Friday Five! We’ve talked about flight attendant life, so today, I’m focusing on a constant in my life since I was a tween: being a fangirl. It started with 80’s cartoons and Nintendo, graduated to Sailor Moon and manga, and then flourished across many interests including literature, film, television, comics, video games, and board games. When it comes to fandom, letting my nerd flag fly and divulging my geekrets (geeky secrets), there is so much ground to cover, so gird your loins for a subseries about my dorky tendencies!

 Quiet in The Realm as I do what Queens do. Nerd.

Q1: Have you ever cosplayed?

A: When it came to attending conventions, I never really felt compelled to go over the top in full cosplay. I thought about it and at one point I did buy the makings of a costume, but I never followed through with it. Currently, I have plans to attend Mega Convention here in Orlando in May, and I am currently researching a potential venture into the realms of costumed participation. In the meantime, enjoy a cosplay purikura (Japanese sticker photo) of me from my last year in Japan.

We found a game center in Akihabara that rented costumes!

Q2: Which celebrity have you geeked out over when you met them?

A: When I lived in New York, I attended an Off-Broadway production of Nora Ephron’s Love, Loss, and What I Wore. Before the show even started, I was informed by another audience member that the cast always comes out after the show. The five women performing were; Sherri Shepherd, Diane Neal, Penny Fuller, Rachel Harris, and Cobie Smulders. I am a huge How I Met Your Mother fan to the point many of my friends say I am a real life Robin Scherbatsky. When I asked Cobie to sign my poster and take a picture, she offer a hug in exchange. I nearly died. She is one of the most down to Earth people on the planet.

Cobie is my Woman Crush Every Day!

Q3: What is the nerdiest costume you’ve worn in a race?

A: While I did wear my TARDIS dress to run the Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah Half (2012), when it came to the inaugural runDisney Avengers Half, I actually made a Maria Hill S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent shirt which received many compliments from other race participants and staff. It also found its way into the official rD recap video and the “See ya real soon” Promo! When it came to crafting racing outfits, I wanted more function over fashion, especially after I learned how uncomfortable it is to run 13.1 miles in a tutu. I don’t care how cute it looks because the post-race chafing bothered me for weeks.

Black Widow marveled at my running in between missions.

Q4: How do you incorporate fandom into your fashion?

A: Originally, geek chic and nerd fandom could only be expressed with finding a way to weave a t-shirt into one’s fashion scheme. Back in the day, it was going to novelty stores like Hot Topic or scouring the boys’ section for something that would actually fit. Thanks to inspired movements from ladies like Ashley Eckstein and the ladies at Her Universe, fandom is making headway in women’s fashion. During my transition from the airline to the office, I’ve started pairing up cardigans with nerdy pins, laying nerdy t-shirts under blazers, and sneaking geeky socks under my trousers. Also, I love wearing boys by Mad Happy Studio, made by my high school gal pal who is a true DisNerd.

One day, I hope to make HU’s Fan Girl of the Day page! Ashley inspires me so much!

Q5: When you lived in Japan, you were obsessed with anime and manga, right?

A: Actually, my obsession was Japanese manzai (“comedic duos”). I quickly learned from my students which comedians were popular as they would often try to educate me about the trendy jokes and characters from TV programming. One of the biggest televised contests for manzai is the M-1 Grand Prix where thousands of pairs battle it out to make it to the televised finals. Some of my favorite combis (combinations/partners) always made it to the finals or won! Serious bragging rights as well as media attention were given to this event, with the winners receiving not only a nice check but opportunities to participate on popular television programs. Watching Japanese comedy, helped me communicate with my students and it helped me learn less formal Japanese. I also learned how many different dialects there were in Japan!

  The M-1 Trophy was on display in the lobby of Nittele Plaza!

One of my prime directives here is to show how one can age and still appreciate something near and dear to them. I exercise restraint in my investment of my nerdly pursuits because I have other items which require my attention like a mortgage payment, food, and other big ticket, adult investments. Yes, one can be subtly nerdy and an oshare otaku (“geek chic”) without emptying the shelves of Hot Topic and ThinkGeek. I do get agitated when my credibility is called into question because I do not dress like a 16-year-old Harajuku girl. I will never claim to the be epitome of nerd girl culture because it’s fluid and constantly evolving. All I can share with you is my interpretation through my personal expression.

There are many negative connotations associated with the terms “nerd,” “geek,” “otaku,” and “fangirl.” I have had my legitimacy as a true and loyal fan come into question because my interests are quite diverse. This is merely a scratching of the surface of my nerdiness. There are so many wonderful things I have yet to address and explore, so there may be a follow-up five (or multiples of five) in the future! When I say these still waters run quite deep, I hope you’ll jump in and swim with me.

Answer Me, These Questions Three:

  1. Which fandom is your absolute favorite?
  2. Which answer would you care to hear more about?
  3. What’s your darkest geekcret?

Late to the tabletop gaming scene, but I love me some Dungeons and Dragons!

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