Learning How to Perfect The Blow Out

No sooner did folks clean up the New Year’s Confetti and throw out the Christmas trees, Valentine’s Day preparation cropped up everywhere. I am a staunch believer that each holiday should be given its due process and opportunity to shine, so businesses putting up their hearts and doilies out before the close of the previous year– KNOCK IT OFF! One of my favorite things about Valentine’s Day is that it isn’t just about the couples and traditional definitions of romance anymore. Check out the fab evening I had with some local ladies in celebration of impending V-Day!

Rule #1: Embrace how you feel on the inside, and it’ll show on the outside!

So, I moved into my Lil House of the Nerdy smack dab in the holiday hustle between Thanksgiving and Christmas! This resulted in my promptly vanishing off the face of Orlando save for some Instagram and tweets along the way. Thanks to the help of my fabulous family and wonderful friends, my new house feels like home. 2016 arrived, and I hit the ground running, but suddenly, I found myself saying “February is next week… February is Monday…” Time has certainly blurred past me in the last few months.

Just Blow It is a blow dry bar and boutique concept which a family-owned and operated by Katie Tona, Erika Gomez and their phenomenal staff of five talented stylists. JBI is located in the Waterford Lakes area of east Orlando, which is fantastic because it’s within ten minutes drive from home!

Va Va Voom for Valentine’s Day

The standard “Just Blow It” includes a wash, blow dry and style for $35, and touts a finish time within 60 minutes and clients are allowed to select a style from their Hair Menu. My biggest challenges was deciding between The Classic (“Blow out to go out. Always stylish & always sexy.”) and The Pin-Up (“Elegant and vintage, pin-up waves for a timeless beauty.”) Naturally, when I got in the chair and talked with my stylist, I promptly threw both of those plans out over a glass of white wine and opted for The Fireball (“This combo of smokin’ hot curls and immense volume will have you leaving here a bombshell bound to be noticed from across the room.”)! I have thin, dense hair which only ever looks good in Texas and California due to the lower humidity.

Office Nerd to Geek Chic!

Next time I drop by, I want to try their Designer Makeup Application ($35; check out Laila’s Gorgeous Makeup!) or go all out and treat myself to a Style Sesh ($60). I am excited to try out their $25 Tuesdays, so I can work my way through their different hairstyles and discover which ones best suit my hair type. Even when I use “the right brush” and “the best products” as outlined in countless magazines, my hair never survives the Floridian Humidity or even gets close to looking smooth.

What I love about being able to visit JBI, is that I don’t feel like I am cheating on my beloved hair styling-family over at Alchemy. As the concept of JBI doesn’t include cut and hair color, I can keep my separation of Church and State without feeling like a complete traitor. The salon is clean, elegant, and warm with a beautiful shop and showroom in the front, and a enough chairs for you and your squad to rock in, have some beverages and pampering time, and leave feeling refreshed and fabulous in no time at all!

A great Galentine’s Day Gathering across multiple genres!

One of my favorite things about smaller blogger events, is actually having time to interact and talk with everyone from the owners, to the staff, to friends, and making new friends. I am very fortunate to be part of an amazing group of local women here in Central Florida. Although love is in the air, remember that you cannot expect others to love you if you don’t love and respect yourself. Treat yourself how you desire to be treated, and others will catch on. If not, surround yourself with those who will and eject those who don’t. Also, there is nothing wrong with celebrating yourself on Valentine’s Day or any other day for that matter!

Too Fab to Head Home

I couldn’t possibly head home after having such a fabulous blow out! With many wonderful restaurants in Waterford, I couldn’t help but gravitate toward Cooper’s Hawk Winery. My first experience at CH was for a colleague’s going away party, and I have been meaning to go back. With a fab squad of gal pal lifestyle and fashion bloggers, we couldn’t simply cut the evening short. I opted for the Sparkling Wine Flight because while I have enjoyed many a beer and wine flight, I’ve never elevated my sparkling sipping game to this level

(Left to Right) CH’s Blanc de Blanc, Raspberry, Almond, and Peach Sparkling

One of my biggest caveats about going to a fancy restaurant like CH is the sense of decorum and the associated sense of luxury involved. I was disappointed to see five college students attempt to sandwich in on four bar stools next to my party as if it were happy hour at a T.G.I. Fridays. Being asked to “scootch down” by being elbowed and leaned on by a complete stranger is not acceptable behavior, nor is loud, screechings of “let’s share a flat bread!!” The inconvenient party knew the bartender by name, but it was clear their behavior was embarrassing him.

I avoided putting the bartender in the awkward position of asking him to ask his “friends to keep it down,” as would have put a mild damper on pretty much a perfect evening. I was thankful I had my friends along so we could distract ourselves with with a decadent cheese platter and witty conversation. One of the added benefits of treating oneself to a blow out? Fab hair two days in a row!

Residual Volume on Day 2: sprayed a little dry shampoo and done! 

Answer Me, These Questions Three

  1. What do you do when you want to pamper yourself?
  2. If you celebrated Galentine’s Day, what did you do with your gal pals?
  3. What activities do you enjoy on your nights out with your Squad?

I was able to enjoy a complimentary JBI service thanks to an outing coordinated by the Central Florida Lady Bloggers and the wonderfully kind folks over at Just Blow It Orlando. If you happen to drop by, tell them Karen says, “Hi, Y’all!”

As always, the reviews and opinion are my own! They get the fab hair credit!

2 thoughts on “Learning How to Perfect The Blow Out

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  1. I can only answer the first, but for my birthday I always treat myself to a spa day. I have been trying out the various offerings at Cloud 9, and got my first mani/pedi last year.


    1. I am glad that you take time to treat yourself, but next time I challenge you to do it when it isn’t your birthday! Maybe when you come to visit we can go do something fun together?


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