Peanut Butter Hot Cocoa Recipe

On Friday, I shared my Secret Santa DIY Holiday Hot Cocoa presents for my coworker. It warmed my heart to see how thrilled she was to get my present home to share with her special people. I had a blast making her present, but don’t think I completely forgot the recipe. I’m sure you scoured Pinterest for my top secret recipe, so get that shopping list at the ready!

IMG_4663My Gal Pal is ready for oodles of peanut buttery cups of holiday cheer!!

Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate Recipe

In Courtney O’Brien’s  DIY Christmas Gift of  Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate, she presents a quick and easy way to make a holiday gift for that Peanut Butter Fiend in your life. In my case, this was both for my giftee and myself as we have a kindred love for the little PB&C goodies!!

Got the ingredients for under $10!



Layer it in the jar and give away. (Note: It should be mixed before serving and  use two tablespoons of mix per 8 ounces of warm milk).

There was more than enough to easily make three jars if not more if you get a little creative with the recipe. Without the marshmallows, you can mix the contents easily with a spoon or by shaking the jar vigorously. It depends on how committed you are to burning calories before you consume them. I used a spoon because I knew that with my coordination, everything would end up on the floor. Less clean up is key.

Level It Up!

It wouldn’t be Kitchen Experiment without attempting to gain several levels in culinary finesse! Let it be known my life was changed by using my food processor attachment for the first time. (I’m kicking myself for not being more adventurous with my FP.)

No more messy chopping for this girl, that’s for sure!

Here’s the rundown:

  • Cocoa – Initially, I wanted to get Trader Joe’s Unsweetened Cocoa, but I hate downtown traffic. I didn’t want to contend against the holiday shoppers, the horrible I-4 Ultimate Project, or after work rush hour. I didn’t want to depend on internet shipping either. Can’t go wrong with Ghiradelli, San Fran’s best!
  • PB2 – I could not find it anywhere, and I couldn’t depend on internet ordering to arrive in time. Plus, a review by The Food Babe utterly terrified me out of ordering it (but I’d like more science to back up her claims). I just dumped the chips into the food processor to grind them up into a powder.
  • Mini-MarshmallowsKraft’s Jet-Puffed have been my favorite since childhood, and to match the ornament, I couldn’t give hot cocoa without the little marshmallow folks to bob around on top!

 Lovely layers, but feeling a little under dressed!

When it comes to Kitchen Experimentation, my kitchen tends to look like a cross between a food fight and a bar brawl. Nine times out of ten, it looks way worse than it really is, but when it comes to dry ingredients, there still tends to be a fair amount of fallout all over the counter. I used a cut of parchment paper and made a funnel to help evenly and neatly layer each item. I tried to layer the items to provide the best contrast of color. Starting from the base: sugar, cocoa powder, ground peanut butter chips, and mini-marshmallows. To avoid mixing the marshmallows up, I wrapped them in cellophane before tucking them into the top of the mason jar.

I found a spool of ribbon which I bought for a Doctor Who Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey Galaxy Jell-o recipe two Christmases ago. (David Tennant‘s Tenth Doctor is my Doctor and the ribbon looked like his suit.) Unfortunately, being a Time Lord and Master of Time and Space doesn’t always help you defy the physics and chemistry of putting sprinkles and glitter inside gelatin. The ribbon’s laid dormant for a long time, but it was the perfect width for a 12oz mason jar. When I finished the matching ornament, I used a ribbon scrap to make the hanger, too. I loved how they matched with such a small detail. Here’s the cute and simple pattern for the Feelin’ Cozy Hot Cocoa Ornament!

IMG_4655They go together like Peanut Butter & (Hot) Chocolate!

I may not be the craftiest nerd on the block, but I found great satisfaction in putting together a more thoughtful holiday present for my friend. I hope next year, I can plan further ahead of time to avoid the holiday rush. For years, I’ve longed to have a semblance of a “normal” Christmas by writing holiday cards, making presents, and baking up a storm. The think the biggest thing holding me back is a fear of failure and my perfectionist tendencies. I feel like gift cards and internet shopping have made me lazy, but if I can find the right fusion of handmade and store bought, I believe I’ll be more confident in the gift giving department.

Answer Me, These Questions Three

  1. How do you level up your hot cocoa?
  2. Describe the best way to enjoy your hot cocoa?
  3. What DIY holiday treats/gifts do you enjoy making?

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