Peek Inside my Fitness Quest Duffle Bag of Holding

Continuing along the path of Tidying Up, I learned that I really must work toward putting things back where there belong and not where it’s most convenient. While it goes against the grain of the KonMari method, I took a modified approach with my workout gear, dedicating time alone with the clothes as well as the implements as I transitioning from the clothes category to the miscellany. For the time being all non-clothing items have been stored in a bag which is near and dear to my heart.

Can you guess what is inside?

Epic Yet Essential Overview 

My fitness items were past due for an audit, so as I worked my way through the tidying up process, grouping all the items together gave me an opportunity to make an inventory. As I went through boxes in preparation, I found workout stuff all over the place. The more boxes I upended and drawers I opened, the more items I’d find. Talk about a treasure hunt in my own house (too bad, I didn’t find money each time)!  With all the items laid out before me, it was easy to discard some items which have lived a full life with me. After five years, I managed to whittle my running hats down to two: one ball cap-style and one visor.

The bag is actually from a race that I missed out on. I was supposed to run the Savannah Women’s Half earlier this year with a group of girl friends and then I got bronchitis and decided to switch jobs, and by the time the race rolled around, I was undertrained and mentally unprepared for it.  The bag has sentimental value because it represents a circle of girl friends who have been integral in making Orlando feel like home. They had a blast in Savannah, and now we all have matching bags (which I love so much more than another race shirt I don’t use). It makes a great gym or weekender bag, and until I can create my own Geek Chic Shred Shed will serve as the workout wrangler.

The makings of a stronger me.

I put two personal touches on the bag: one of my Star Wars name tags and my old IFS Brand Ambassador bag tag, both of which had huge sentimental and nerdy value to me. Putting together my gym bag really gave me an opportunity to think about my fitness goals moving into the new year. It also gave me carte blanche to throw out long expired items, making the cleaning process quite liberating. Surveying my possessions also gave me clear direction for future purchases and items which should be replaced in the future.

In the Bag Necessities

I have sensitive skin, so it is rare that I will use anything on my skin with perfume in it. The exception to the rule are the Badger Balm Series, especially when I was regularly training for half marathons. The items in my kit are my favorites, but what sparks joy for me are the storage bags. The black one was from my first flight kit which was mercilessly backed over by an irresponsible hotel van driver. The larger one with the Hawaiian print was actually a shoe bag that a colleague in Honolulu made herself. It was our first time flying together, but I’ll never forget her kindness to me.

Looking at the items laid out before me really gave me perspective on how much I’ve invested in my own fitness goals. More importantly, taking the time to organize everything felt like quality time with both my stuff and myself. Stay tuned for the two follow up pieces which will focus on favorite running and cross training products later in the week.

She’s a Goal Digger

There is a substantial investment when it comes to fitness. I cringe at the word athleisure, but I’ve realized that it’s the unfortunate brand that most of my clothes now have. I have become lazy about delineating between workout clothes, every day wear, and leisure wear. It’s high time I channel my inner Susan Powter and “STOP THE MADNESS!!” I can’t wear my race medals out as an accessory, but they deserve proper display instead of their current state: neatly tucked away in a box. I’ve run eleven half marathons and the proof is collecting dust.

I promise to work toward the following:

  1. Use my workout clothes for working out only
  2. Invest in a medal display rack and hang up my bling
  3. Mount my white-board calendar for tracking
  4. Fix bathroom scale or invest in a new one
  5. Create a wish list of items
  6. If I buy a new article of clothing, I need let go of something in its place.
  7. Create a designated storage space for fitness items without sacrificing ease of access.
  8. Maintain an inventory of items to avoid double purchases
  9. Find a purpose of unused race shirts

Given more time, I am certain that I will think of more ways to work toward improving my lifestyle. The above items are not related to my specific fitness goals, but with regard to avoiding collecting more items when I am not utilizing the tools already at my disposal. Cleaning out my apartment has really provided time by myself to think about what I need to become a better person and live a more organized life.

Answer Me, These Questions Three 

  1. What essentials do you keep in your gym bag?
  2. Do any of the items have particular sentimental value or spark joy when you hold it?
  3. What items did I leave out that you think I should add (and which brand do you recommend)?

This is not an advertisement page. I have not been compensated for any of the products listed. These items are personal favorites only. 

2 thoughts on “Peek Inside my Fitness Quest Duffle Bag of Holding

Add yours

  1. Congrats on all the progress you’re making this week! It looks like you’re working hard to downsize and simplify and it must feel great! You’re motivating me to attack some of the rooms/spaces that need attention in my house, which is most of it. haha

    I’m enjoying your new blog format btw, I love how personal and honest it is. 🙂

    So what’s in my gym bag? I really don’t have a bag that solely dedicated to working out. I just end up throwing piles of stuff into my purse more often than not. It wouldn’t hurt to consider a bag dedicated to my various exploits, it would minimize the clutter I have lying around I’m sure. Since my necessities for trapeze are quite different than for an OTF workout, it’s hard to just have one bag ready to go. There are basically two things I bring with me for every situation: the deodorant you listed above and unscented baby wipes. I typically will invest in a stick of DO to keep in my bag, but recently I’ve just been grabbing one to take with me when I need it. Publix brand baby wipes work well for me, they’re great for little bird baths after working out and also serve to wipe off chalk after flying. I like the unscented ones because they don’t sting if I get a rip in my hands at trapeze. I posted a blog that gives a sneak peak into my trapeze grip bag: You’re inspiring me to do a full post on it. 🙂

    Items that spark joy for me are usually things I’ve received from friends, such as a couple pairs of trapeze wrist wraps or various items of clothing that I’ve received as gifts.

    Your bag looks pretty well stocked, the only thing I’d suggest adding would be baby wipes or something to freshen up on the go.

    Thanks so much for sharing! I love sneaking a peak in someone else’s bag. 🙂


    1. I agree about different workouts requiring different materials. One of the biggest takeaways I received from the book, is the desire to have a designated storage place for everything. I’m sure once I get settled and I begin setting up my home gym area, I might make a mini-lockeroom area where I store all my equipment and necessities. I would keep the clothing inside the master closet, but provide it with a designated space instead of currently crammed into a single drawer in my dresser (as it is currently). Every person will develop their own system, but I’m always looking for ways to make mine better. I’ll definitely grab some baby wipes because those are a lifesaver.

      After shaking out my bags, I found three sticks of the same deodorant! As Mom would say, “it’s amazing what you find when you actually clean stuff, Kar.”

      I’m also planning on minimizing the clutter in my car by not leaving stuff inside it. I’ve been good about schlepping my yoga mat in and out of the car because I don’t want to ruin it now that I’m actually learning and putting it to use.

      I was surprised how many items I found which were gifts. While KonMari suggests holding off on sentimental items until the very end of the process, it made it easier for me to decide between multiples of which I had no particular emotion attachment aside from “I bought it at…” You might see the trapeze wraps you gave me coming up, too. 😉 I even managed to finally let go of my Oakley sunglasses because the lenses were shot. I had completely forgotten about the running sunglasses Pierette gave me (they were Richard’s), but more on that in the next post.

      I noticed that some of my older writing posts were full of content, but devoid of my voice. That’s the great thing about writing, constantly developing style and voice. Opening up can be very hard, but slowly, I’m finding the right balance of sharing without oversharing.


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