Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar Brings Explorers to the Yard

Situated between The Boathouse and Paradiso 37, Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar is the famed Indiana Jones-inspired bar which many long-time fans of the Indiana Jones saga have patiently awaited. True to the Disney style, unbelievable thought and attention to detail was employed in designing Jock’s. Growing up with an airplane mechanic for a dad, a stewardess for a mom, and an intrinsic wanderlust, I can be quite the nerd when it comes to travel and airplane-themed items. Heck, I was a flight attendant for three and a half years to boot! For those who love the Adventureland and Frontierland attractions and/or Indiana Jones, make this a place to stop on your trek through Disney Springs. While you may hear whisperings of Jock’s pet snake, Reggie, rest assured you won’t find any snakes in the hangar. (The plane– on the other hand– might require showing a little backbone.) This may become one of my regular stopovers when I visit the Springs.

Jock Lindsey's Hangard Bar at Disney SpringsThis aviation nerd is already rejoicing!

Epic Expeditions Often Start in a Bar Somewhere

From the outside, Jock Lindsey’s looks like a sizeable establishment, especially when you include that outstanding waterfront deck (perfectly facing west for gorgeous end-of-expedition sunsets and potentially seeing some fireworks.) When I arrived at half past twelve, it was already at standing room only status, also known as the Hunger Table Games. The wing closest to Paradiso 37 is the kitchen, so the inside dining room is cozier than I expected. Looking at the original schematics, I was expecting a much larger venue as hangars are designed to fit aircrafts. When I arrived an hour after opening (12:30PM on a Sunday), I was greeted by a very polite cast member indicating that while there is no wait, there is a stand room only, first come first serve availability for seating. I arrived early, so I decided to pregame while I waited for my gal pal to join me.

Timeless Expedition Standards: Aviators + Fedora

If you are going to wander around taking pictures of every single thing, be aware of the paths the service staff are taking as there are kitchen access two doors. Also, be courteous to those enjoying their experience, by pardoning yourself and asking if they don’t mind you interrupting to snap photos. Remember that you haven’t rented out the entire bar, so you don’t get to have free range to do whatever you want at the expense of the other guests.

While there are food and beverage options available for children, I would suggest being high cognizant of the limited food options as well as the time of day which you bring your children. Nothing can be more of a buzzkill for an adventurer trying to relax with an adult beverage than to listen to the arguing of a family in close quarters. Better yet, hire a sitter and have an evening out, so you can recharge. I would recommend enjoying the patio where there is more space and less resonance when it comes to animated conversations and larger parties. There aren’t too many potential combinations for larger parties and there are no reservations available. Also, if you see a well-behaved Little Archeologist or Adventurer-in-Training, commend the parents because there are ones out there doing it right and I’m sure they would love to hear it.

Cozy corner seating with an arm chair and lantern lighting

Look for the Shady Lady in the dimly lit corner…

I entered fully prepared to battle tooth and nail for a seat at the bar. When the words “standing room only” crop up, I think of going to dive bars for live shows and battling partygoers for service at the bar. Mercifully, this was not the case, but keep in mind that I was having a late brunch on a Sunday afternoon. I lucked out when I spotted an open corner in the back of the bar with a bench sofa and a small arm chair. I couldn’t help myself from being the mysterious adventurer in the dimly lit corner.

“I’m searching for a Dr. Jones…”

Giving a Whole New Meaning to “Let me check the logbook.”

While I was not planning on having Kentucky Bourbon for brunch, I was intrigued the Disney name thrown into the mix of the title. I couldn’t discern if the fancy folks at Knob Creek brewed up a special blend just for The Mouse, but I didn’t want the break the magic by plying my server for details. I had a three beverage itinerary set out when I looked over the menu at the onset of my visit. However, after one sip, this Air Pirate’s Mule was kicked! Once thing I certainly appreciate about Disney: one gets their dollar’s worth when it comes to cocktails in the lounges.

“You gotta have the backbone of a mule to order this Jocktail!” – Jock’s Pilot Logbook

The Air Pirate’s Mule (Moscow Mule)

On future visits, I’ll be gunning for Bam’s Barnstormer, The Fountain of Youth, the German Mechanic, and the Scottish Professor, but I’ll make sure to eat first. I would love to try some of the wines and beers as well. For those preferring the mocktail variety of mixed beverage, the Antidote (Shirley Temple) and the Poisonless Dart (Lime Fizz) are two non-alcoholic drinks which can help beat the Florida Heat. With the The Pilot’s Logbook (menu) divided by world regions for the beverages, one can really sip their way around the world! I was also pleased to see a few local breweries featured on the beer listing as well:

The Snack of Ra? “You will become a true believer.”

The shareable, small plates approach for the bar food options at Jock’s is great. In true Disney fashion, there is superb adherence to the theme. While the descriptions are enticing, dining with a food allergy is tricky for me, especially when it comes to dip, chutneys, sauces, (you know, basically ALL the good stuff). One of Disney’s most consistent customer service points is I have full faith that when I inform my server of my shellfish and mango allergies, I know they will immediately notify chef. Ninety percent of the time, the chef comes out personally to discuss my allergy. However, with the unrelenting flow of people streaming in and hunting for food, I told Josh the Server that if the kitchen was too busy, the chef didn’t need to stop on my account. A few minutes later, Josh was back with a menu listing the potential allergy warnings and ingredients for each of the items on the menu. After a quick powwow, he hustled back to the kitchen with my number one selection: The Snack of Ra.

The Snack of Ra is described as “African Salads and Dips with Injera and Naan Crisps designed to satisfy a well of souls,” which is all fine an well, but I needed to know what was inside it. There was a chicken salad, a vegetable salsa, two tasty spreads, naan bread and another bread which had the text of a thick crepe. Mom always told me not to fill up on bread, but the portions of toppings were giving me heaping bitefuls which wound up looking like feeding time at the zoo. It’s okay, I’m comfortable with my station in life. I ate as much as I could, but as it turns out, I’ll have to wait for the Good Dates, Tanis Tacos, and Dr. Elsa’s She-Deviled Eggs for another layover.

Check out the Official Full Menu & if you’re a visual person:The Disney Food Blog

Answer Me, These Questions Three

  1. Which beverage would you like to start your expedition with?
  2. Those with a Park-Hopper Pass, would you please help me map out the ultimate adventure film tribute (attractions, shows, restaurants, snacks, selections)?
  3. By my next visit, should I prepare with an Indiana Jones movie marathon (minus The Crystal Skull)?

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  1. After reading this, I’m half tempted to skip the rest of my day and go there right now. I love a good Moscow Mule (or variation thereof) too.

    Having recently rewatched the Crystal Skull, I don’t think it’s as bad as I thought when I saw it in theaters, giddy with anticipation. It’s not great, but it has its charms.

    Great photos and writeup!

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