What’s My Next Step?

Previously, I talked about making hefty changes to my little slice of the InterWebs thanks to helpful tips by one of my favorite blogging Badasses! Thanks to some of my favorite folks here in Central Florida, I’m adding a layer of accountability to my overhaul by immersing myself in the fantastic resources over at Gotta Get Blogging. After meeting part of GGB’s team at a dinner party back in April, I’ve been waiting for the wake of my job transition and moving into the new house to subside before plugging into to all the wonderful things they have to offer! I already have a blog, but I find myself struggling to develop it into a tiny empire.

Touching down in Downtown in The City Beautiful.

After missing out on Florida Blog Con 2014 and Forum 2015 due both events selling out prior to my work schedule releases, I snapped up an Ultra-Early Bird Ticket for Florida Blog Con 2015 as soon as it went on sale. As life would have it, I transitioned into a new job which has given me not only the opportunity to attend FL Blog Con 2015, but to have time and energy to prepare for it. The hardest part for me is remembering that there is no shame in the newbie game. There’s a first time for everyone, and I have been to different conferences and conventions in the past. Though I’ve been blogging for years, I am approaching Florida Blog Con differently than Blog Fête.

Back to back September Saturdays in the midst of KarenFest 2015 will go to blogging. As Blog Fete will be a far smaller crowd which will be perfect for getting my toes wet before swan diving into the deep end at FL Blog Con. FBC is designed like a more traditional business conference or academic convention with larger numbers and a multitude of workshops encouraging attendees to pick and choose how they invest their time during the day’s proceedings. Unlike BF where I do not have to worry about jockeying for seating or selecting which workshops to attend, FBC is offering up multiple tracks with four workshops meeting concurrently. I haven’t perfected cloning nor have I mastered time travel, so I clearly deciding my FBC goals and creating action plan are key to my survival.

First Magnitude reminds me why I love Florida so much!

#1) Blog Tune-up: While I love the fluidity of digital media, I am a far cry from a tech guru, designer, or programmer. The primary objective for FLBC15 is to gain accessible technical knowledge by local professionals to better cultivate the presence and efficiency of the blogging process. While the Money Track is enticing, the crux of my seminar choices lay in the Technical Track.

Session Preferences

  • Privacy, Endorsements, and Contracts! Oh My! (Content Track)
  • Nuts & Bolts of Offline Networking for Online Influence (Social Media Track)
  • Your Most Essential WordPress Plugins (Technical Track)
  • Get Your Blog Audited (Technical Track)
  • How to have an Awesome Blog Without Any of the Technical Set Up or Maintenance (Technical Track)

My Passion Planner is ready for an extreme workout!

#2) Building a Network: There is something to be said about actually have the face time with those who share a similar interest. I would like to put the social back into “social media” by matching some names to faces, getting some handshakes, and sharing some laughs. There will be some necessary items which need to be tackled over the next few months leading up to this fantastic opportunity.

Pre-Conference Networking Preparation

  • Concept Re-imaging
  • Business Cards
  • Media Kit
  • Elevator Pitch

I feel I should dial down the foxy!

3) Head Shot Opportunity: The last professional photographs I had taken were at Cupcakes, Cat-eyes, and Cocktails back in October. I was floored by how much the photos looked like some way foxier version of yours truly, but as I am not regularly working a geeky-sexpot-cheesecake-pinup (insert witty Babe moniker here) angle, I want something less distracting. As the conference is casual, I’m hoping for a more laid-back, low maintenance look than my one at Blog Fête.

Headache-Free Head Shot:

  • A bright, cheery smile
  • Sensible, neutral makeup
  • A simple, yet chic outfit
  • Color & Cut Refresher

First Time Jitters

My biggest concern about attending such a large scale event is feeling lost in the shuffle. I know several far more seasoned veterans attending FBC15, and the last thing I want it to make anyone feel obligated to babysit a grown woman. The last time I attended a state-wide conference back at FARH (Florida Association of Residence Halls) 2000, when I passed the torch to my replacement. Though I have presented at conferences since then, it has always been on a far smaller scale.

What advice would you have for someone attending their first large conference? Do you bring a survival pack? Besides charges and PR items, what must-have items should I bring along? If you are attending FBC15, which sessions are you targeting? What key planning items am I overlooking?

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