Semi-Monthly Round Up

Hey, Y’all!! It’s baaaaaaack and better than ever. Well, hopefully! Now that I am fully recovered from the superbug that sidelined me back in January and decided to linger throughout February, I am doing my best to catch up on what feels like a completely bottomless pot of writing!

I’m going green*, Folks!

Traveling took a substantial chuck out of my writing time which sounds like a perfect segue into the biggest news here for RRWK: In April, I shall start a new job and hang up my roll aboard suitcase. I know that many of you have enjoyed traveling along with me on my adventures around the world, so I hope that you will stick with me as I settle in to a new chapter here in Orlando. I will do my best to pepper some travel stories into the evolving scramble of my life, and the best part is now that I am no longer flying, I will also be able to give my travels tips and opinions freely*.

Starting in April, I am going to wrangle up what’s gone down at the RRWK Corral twice a month for your viewing pleasure. If there is something you’d love to see addressed, tackled, ranted at length about (within reason), let me know. I still haven’t mastered the art of the mailing list, so stay tuned here for all the best stuff!

I celebrated Ultimate Pi Day (3/14/15 at 9:52:26AM) in LAX!

March Highlights

  • Emerald City Shakedown (Traveling) – Seattle, Washington is one of my favorite West Coast destinations. As luck would have it, I managed to get a lovely long layover on a day the winter weather cooperated. It actually teased the arrival of spring!
  • Thinking Outside the Lunchbox (Eating) – When I lived in Japan, I learned a new way to pack my lunch. After years of frozen dinners, leftovers, fast food, and convenience store snacks, I finally gained an appreciation for home cooked meals during the day time.

I went on the hunt for Dr. Frasier Crane in Seattle!

My City Beautiful (Orlando, FL)

  • Dramatic Water Station (Running) – I ran the Best Damn Race Orlando for the second time, but this time around, I went with the 10K. Unlike my usual race reports, I took a different approach focusing on #GratitudeNOTAttitude.
  • Putting the ART in Artegon (Shopping) – Something new and exciting has cropped up on International Drive! I got the chance to meet a bunch of stellar local artisans helping to make Orlando more beautiful!
  • Cuppa Cabana at Lineage (Drinking) – I got to experience how the pros sample their future coffee investments by attending a Cupping at Lineage Roasting in Orlando’s East End Market. (via Yelp*Orlando’s #OrlandoMade Campaign)


Thankful for my BDR Orlando 10K Chicas!

Currently at RRWK

  • Reading: The Writing Diet: How to Write Yourself Right-Sized by Julia Cameron (re-reading*). I have used this book several times since 2010, and I am quite the fan. I find that it does help when I am having difficulties with my relationship with food.
  • Running: The Pig Run of Lake Nona with some gal pals! Eying up two more 5Ks for April in preparation for the Rugged Maniac on May 9th! We have a new addition helping with the cross training process: a row machine! Plus, I am falling in love with weight training all over again.
  • Writing: I don’t really publicize it, but I am trying out some more creative writing over at HitRECord. You might be familiar with the collaborative community and TV series started by actor, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and if not, check out all the nifty art going down there. Currently, I am working on the 10 Minute writing prompts, but I am working up the courage to start submitting more original content like photos, videos, and writing.

I took up quilting in my absence, too!


  1. For those seeking more behind-the-scenes, gritty flight attendant dirt and humor, please check out Rants of a Sassy Stew. I could never recreate the content so vibrantly.
  2. You can find @Kahrenheit on Instagram, Twitter, Yelp*, GoodReads, HitRECord, Fitocracy, and on Facebook at Read Run Write with Kahrenheit.

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