Spring Running Schedule

Last week, I unveiled my upcoming participation in the Florida Hospital Lady Track Shack 5K at the end of the month. Committing to races can be really tricky and often requires a fair bit of scheduling calisthenics in order to make attendance possible. Unfortunately, the nature of my job does limit my ability to participate multiple races within the same month. From an accountability perspective, I’ve elected to run one race per month with the goal of working on time improvement and consistent pacing. Financially, running is my most expensive hobby, so if I am going to invest in race registrations, I want to select a variety of races so as to avoid throwing all my money toward repeat medals.

FEBRUARY: Nearly a year ago to the date, I’ll be lacing up and participating in the Best Damn Race Orlando. This time around, I’ll be testing my speed for the 10K instead of the half. BDR is by far one of my favorite race series because of the fantastic community of runners who participate! I still have my eye on that PR Bell, but I’ll have to beat 1:15:06 (12:05/mile pace) from over three years ago!

MARCH: The Publix Savannah Women’s Half Marathon will be my one big half marathon for the first quarter of the year. After a tiny girls’ runcation at Best Damn Race Cape Coral, we’ve rounded up a larger group of the ladies for a weekend in one of my favorite southern cities.

APRIL: Running? Donuts? Running with donuts? I’m down! Since moving to the Lake Nona area, I am finally lacing up and participating in a race just up the street with the Pig Run of Lake Nona 5K! I opted to be a lightweight piggy and only enjoy one donut per relay station. While I doubt I’ll be canceling out the calories, I’ll make up for it while laughing with my girl friends.

MAY: A work pal of mine invited me to join her for a rather motivational race– motivational in the sense that I will need to get back into tip-top shape to run with the Rugged Maniacs. Back in 2011, I ran The Warrior Dash with my sister and two of her girl friends, and had a blast (even with discovering mud for days on end afterward)!! Time to get the duct tape ready for 25 obstacles over 3.1 miles!

Currently, I am searching for shorter distance races for the summer time. When I lived in New York, I learned that running a half marathon in the summer is insane unless I’m somewhere in the southern hemisphere. My last official 10K race was in 2001 with the New York Road Runners’ Boomer’s Run to Breathe 10K. Unless I can find affordable races up north, summer might turn into training with lots of gym time, yoga, and swimming.

Birthday #36 will be rolling in on Labor Day this year, so I would love to tackle a half in honor of getting one year better. In October, I am thinking about running the Lake Nona 13.1 ($60; registration open) and if I can get the time off, the Space Coast Half Marathon ($85; opens 2/15) on Thanksgiving weekend. December is up for grabs, but a fun holiday 5K-10K would be great to close out the year. Any discount codes would be greatly appreciated.

Question Time!

  1. Which races are you focusing on this year?
  2. When it comes to off-season training what are your go to workouts and fitness methods?
  3. How do you finance your race schedule?
  4. How do you display your bibs & medals?

One thought on “Spring Running Schedule

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  1. Hi i live in Florida so totally agree w summer half marathons… Although i am signed for the ech half in Osteen, trails and lots of trees… I hope shade… First time running this race so i shall see. This year i am focused on half marathons and some short distances as training runs.. Hopefully will get me ready for my first FULL on 2016!! I just signed up for Space Coast half.. Wow it sold out in 26 mins!!! I am also signed up for 10k BDR, tomoka half in March, lake nona 13.1, honeymoon half, AND DIVA in St Augustine in Dec.. Now THAT will be fun. My next half will be in 4 days.. Disney Princess Half ;-))

    So how do i finance all this races?? Well i manage to work enough to afford it, lol my hobbie

    On my off days i like crosstraining, Hiit, high interval training… Display medals and bibs? With on growing collection i NEED to get myself a cute rack….

    Ohh well safe running…


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